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  1. Thanks, those are some good ideas. I'll play around with them. It's a shame there's no on-screen FOV angle display, though. Take note, ED!
  2. While just messing around in the UH-1H over the runway during a fast mission, the game stopped working. Because I have Visual Studio installed I was prompted to debug the crash, so I did. Visual Studio showed the following message as the cause of the stop: Exception thrown at 0x000000005E013B1D (fw190d9_protect.dll) in DCS.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000017F4E8D6. The interesting thing is that the message refers to the fw190 module which, although I own it, I wasn't using at the time. Running on Windows 10 (64bit), with AMD 15.7.1 drivers, HD7990 gra
  3. OK, that sort of helps, thanks. Is there a way to know what FOV the game is using? I know the size & positions of my monitors, so I know my real-world horizontal FOV is around 140 degrees, but how do I know what angle FOV the game is displaying if I adjust using the keys, so that I can match them up?
  4. Ah! Adjusting the FOV helped enormously. Don't know how I didn't think of that. (In my defence I've not played DCS for a long time...) But how can I set the default FOV for the Bf109 ? My searches of the forums show how to set default FOV in SnapViewsDefault.lua, but there's no entry for the 109 in that file (or for some of the other aircraft).
  5. How do you people with 3 screens have DCS World configured? In previous versions I've used a modifed monitor setup lua file, which configures one big viewport covering all 3 screens (which to my eye looks a lot better, even if there's some distortion on the far left & right), but this causes the whole UI to span all 3 screens, and makes using the menus and map more awkward. If I use the 3-Cameras setting, the viewports for the side screens are pointing directly left and right, but my monitors are angled at about 45 degrees, so the view is rather bizarre - e.g. in the BF109, I can see
  6. Most mods I've used support JSGME , which will manage your mods and install them for you. I installed JSGME, changed its shortcut to start in <my DCSWorld folder>, then in my DCSWorld folder, created a folder called _MODS, and put all my mods as subfolders inside _MODS, so I have: X:\ | +- DCS World | +- _MODS | +-- Some Mod | +-- Another Mod Then just run JSGME & enable the mods you want. NB: This only works for mods that are designed to be used by JSGME. Check the mod you have to see if
  7. Imagine the scene; someone at sometime in the future has exactly the same problem you had, so they google the problem, and end up in this thread. But do they find the answer? No. All they know is that there's a fix. How frustrating! If you've found the solution to a problem, help the person from the future who can't solve it by posting the solution here for posterity.
  8. Here's a new link to the recoloured UH-1H controls thingy that I did for WildBill. I lost the original zip with the readme - this is just a zip of the mod from my JSGME _MODS folder. Unzip into your mods folder, run JSGME, and you should see "Uh-1H Recoloured Controls Indicator" as a mod.
  9. That's the one! It seems it wasn't bound to any key at all. Thanks guys!
  10. I've come back to Black Shark 2 after a long time of not playing it, and I've found that the comms menu doesn't work while I'm in the air. I did a forum search and found this post which says to use RALT+\ However that doesn't work for me. The normal comms menu on \ (which is # on a UK keyboard) works fine while landed, but RALT+\ (which I presume would be RALT-# on my keyboard) does nothing, in the air or not. I also tried the real RALT-\ on my keybaord, also nothing. What is the name of the operation in the configuration menu, so I can bind it to my HOTAS? I looked through all the
  11. You don't need a JSGME mod for that - just edit the SnapViews.lua that's in your C:\Users\<YourName>\Saved Games\DCS\Config\View\ folder, not the one in the DCS World install folder. The one under Saved Games will be preserved through updates.
  12. No problem - I found it quite fun to figure it out! Glad you find it useful.
  13. I meant the bit below that - the top half of the vertical axis on the left is the collective position, the top half of the bottom half is the throttle, but there's an empty bit below that, which doesn't seem to indicate anything, as far as I can see. Anyway, this is what I have now, taking your previous comments into account: I figured out how to add graduations to the rudder, collective and throttle areas, and changed to the suggested red colouring. Get the mod here Caveat emptor. Use at your own risk. Batteries not included. May contain nuts.
  14. I agree with your assessment of the colours (but you did say blue on green...). I can easily change those. But bear in mind that visual design's not my strong point, as I think I've already proved. :-) As for graduations on the other axes, the rudder is probably reasonably simple. Not so sure about the throttle & collective (and what's the bit below the throttle indicator? Never did figure out what it's supposed to represent, and the lua didn't help...) I'm busy today, but I'll have a go at tweaking it over the weekend if I get time.
  15. Well I had a play with it and managed to figure out the graduations for the pitch/roll axes, so added them, and changed the colours to roughly what I thought you wanted: Blue lines on green - I made the current control positions white, to stand out a bit more. If you want to tweak the colours, just look at the first few lines of the lua file in the zip - I put all the colours in one place so you can easily adjust the red/green/blue/alpha values of the background/lines/ticks/indicators. Here's the mod file. See the README.txt in the .zip file for instructions. NB: this is for D
  16. Funny, I was just looking at this yesterday, while I was trying to re-position the controls indicator for my 3-screen setup, so I can give you some pointers for at least changing the colours. It's not trivial, but if you have no problem editing lua files, then read on. The file you want to look at is "DCS World\Mods\aircrafts\<X>\Cockpit\Scripts\ControlsIndicator\ControlsIndicator_page.lua" where <X> is one of the aircraft you have installed (look in the Mods\aircrafts folder to see what's there) I suggest that, rather than editing the file directly, you set up JSGME (see
  17. Awesome, thanks! And now I know what the solution is, it's so obvious I can't believe I didn't spot it myself.
  18. OK, this is an odd one. I've just got the A-10A and the Su-25 modules, and I have the same problem with both, but not with any of the other aircraft in DCS. When I start in the cockpit of the A-10A or the Su-25, the view slowly zooms out to something reasonable, then jumps back to a zoomed-in view, far too close, and I'm unable to either zoom in or out. However, if I pause my TrackIR I can zoom in/out as I please. The instant I un-pause my TrackIR the view immediately jumps to the zoomed in view. In case it's relevant I'm running a 3-screen Eyefinity setup. What's going on and
  19. Basic check: make sure you have enough free disk space to extract the files. Also check your hard disk for problems - if you've downloaded files from multiple places and they all show as corrupt, it's more likely to be a problem on your local machine that with the files (that everyone is downloading without problem). In windows 7, open Computer, right-click your hard disk -> properties -> tools -> check now. Make sure you have up-to-date malware/virus checkers and do a full scan of your computer.
  20. It doesn't matter which server you choose - the software you're downloading is the same on each.
  21. I use the paddle on the joystick as a modifier (a shift-key, if you like), which allows me to map more functions to the available buttons, e.g. I can put pause on a shifted button (paddle + left throttle button). I also use the slew-click button on the throttle as a second modifier, usually for modifying buttons on the stick (I find it's easier if the modifier and button being modified are on different hands). As for the jitter on the friction slider, the best solution I found was to put zoom on slider+modifier, which means holding down an additional button when using the slider to zoom, b
  22. I certainly don't get that on mine. Have you made sure that your Warthog has the latest firmware? Have you tried plugging it into a different USB port?
  23. Target seems quite powerful and flexible, but my biggest gripe with it is that it replaces my separate Joystick & Throttle devices with a single combined virtual device. I understand why it's done that way, but it means that when you're running target your games suddenly see a completely different input device, so settings don't tend to carry over from when you weren't running Target. And due to DirextX limitations, the virtual controller has a limited number of virtual buttons less than the actual number of physical buttons, so you need to emulate keystrokes with the extra buttons.
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