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  1. I can not THANK YOU enough for the 2.7 update .. its AMAZING in VR !! I have no words for this !!! stunning Work !!! 2.7 is mindblowing !!! Thanks ED Team for your great efforts and this fantastic result !! MUCH APPRECIATED !!!
  2. Has ED mentioned anything about the performance impact we can expect from the new clouds / weather ? would be really interesting to hear a few words on that topic ..
  3. funny thing though :smilewink: : If you "Right Alt + J" .. -> exit the plane as player and re-enter the plane again with "Right Alt + J" the slewing around of the TGP as SOI and laser target designation works and I can hit the target... seems like a DCS hack here, but of course not satisfactory ..
  4. Does this mean in MP on a server I can't actually laser Bomb with TGP if there are no preset F16 Waypoints ? :(
  5. Guys , Im tired of - for my taste - a bit too yellowish f16 canopy .. is tjerea way to remove it without having to use the mod ? Are there any vanilla dcs files with non yellowish texture which I could point my lua file to ?
  6. so does this mean TGP point track is broken atm after the latest update? I will try it in SP , but in MP , currently when switching to point track mode in CCRP , my bomb fall line / and the box cannot be moved when slewing the TGP .. the box in the HUD just stays fixed ..
  7. Great decision to keep the Autumn release date :thumbup: currently learning the systems... Eye Candy like ext lights , final external model etc.. are ok to be delivered later, now its time to learn systems and procedures .. Very Happy with my Viper Jet so far :joystick:
  8. Awesome Job so far ED ... having lots of fun with the Viper.. ( hoping for external lighting soon ;)
  9. Thanks .. this should be added under control setup... In the Control setups menu, there is no entry for "nose wheel steering" or similar...
  10. Gents, as the title says.. got the Viper up and running , but I cant find the key for toggling nose wheel steering ! Pls help .. Cheers
  11. Ok I will do so,,, feels good to hear Im not alone with this problem ! :noexpression:
  12. exactly , it doesnt put the diamond over the building .. the diamond goes elsewhere after button TDC depress .. it only happens on some MP servers, .. in SP on a custom mission all is fine .. so I guess its somehow waypoint related .. ??
  13. Not a single response ..pls help me guys..
  14. Guys, pls help, In auto bombing mode , my desgnated target always switches to a waypoint after desiganting target with the TPOD ( TRIGGER is selected ) I set everything up according to the tutorial , lase code, fuze settings ... press the TRIG button and then manully want to select a target.. once I press the target desigantion button ... in Multipplayer... the auto bombing rectangle always leads me somewhere else , but not to the target .. thought its a bug , but now after the latest patch its still there .. so what am I doing wrong ? In Single Player / Mission editor .. when manually designating a target .. it just works out fine Pls help :huh::cry::cry::cry:
  15. Im still hoping for some F14 vs Scooter Server , to relive the good old Top Gun dogfights..
  16. WOW ! Awesome ! seems another amazing Mod is coming along ;)
  17. sooo much appreciated !!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: looking forward for this piece of art :smilewink:
  18. so much excited for the VIPER introduction video !! Pls for the 22nd of May ; )
  19. All the Best to you Merker and thanks again what you and the team has achieved so far..
  20. oh wow !! we finally have a public MP server , hosting this peace of art !! ? will check it out 2 night and hope this server will stay online and public
  21. :mad: ED, pls.. this integrity check thing is getting very annoying. I have an clean install , no mods running, joined a server with "IC on" and get an IC failure just by switching through different planes in F2 external view .. watched an HB F14 in F2 view ..and boom: -> connection timeout IC integrity check failue .. this time the IC check say I have a failure in HB F14 files .. I dont even own the module , neither did I change any of the files .. Cheat protection is a good thing but this IC seems to be messed up , really ..
  22. absolutely , its a shame , some servers dont host this.. write the A4 Mod download link in the server description and people will download and join :thumbup:
  23. Im searching the server list over and over for Servers including the A4 mod, but no joy so far !! come on , let turn and burn JESTER vs MAVERICK & GOOSE , we have all the tools ( A4 mod / F14 / Nevada) so lets use them ! I hosted a public server recently with A4 / F5 vs F14B but not a single player joined ..
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