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  1. The server listing wreaks havoc with VR, especially the G2 but to a lesser extent with the Oculus Rift S and Quest 2. If I don't manually put a text based search filter in quick enough, it can be a long ride before it settles down enough to use the mouse or keyboard to do anything. So, I would love it if I could save any filter I have selected and have that filter used by default every time I start multiplayer.
  2. I understand the work involved in making a D out of an E. I also understand that because of the work involved, the profitability of selling more than one variant is a huge economic barrier to overcome. Fortunately for me, the E is the better variant of the two as I thoroughly enjoy carrier operations. But please provide a decent paint template so the modders can paint the D If at all possible, please provide one or more of the most common/famous/popular D skins so that they can be seen in multiplayer without everyone on the server having to download a custom skin.
  3. That is very nice. I have been flying the F-14A quite a bit in the past couple of weeks and could use a nice simpit like that
  4. I want a 1960-70s Vietnam/Israel era F-4 Phantom to fly in historical air-to-air missions more than anything. I would settle for any variant despite having strong preferences for certain models/production blocks. But in the absence of the F-4, I would settle for the F-15C in Flaming Cliffs being upgraded to a full-fidelity module. I would be prefer an F-15A, but any F-15 variant up to the Flaming Cliffs F-15C would be good enough. In the interim, the F-14A is the closest I can get to what I want. It turns out that the F-14A is a really great approximation of a
  5. I would love an F-84F, especially if it came with accurate Thunderbirds paint schemes.
  6. The A-4E-C is very special. In some ways it is already better than some payware modules despite not having official ED support and access to the SDK. I greatly appreciate f410 supporting this mod as I spend a lot of time in the A-4 and hate to fly without my seat vibrating.
  7. I am also a former Rift CV1/Rift S user. There is no comparison in image quality. With a G2 I can read most cockpit panel labels and instruments without leaning closer or zooming in, very close to the quality of a 4K 2D display. The Rift CV1 required zooming to read anything. The Rift S was much better than the CV1 but the G2 is far better than the Rift S. I agree that the Oculus software setup and sweet spot are easier/better. My G2 has failed and has been sent back for a warranty replacement, but they are out of stock, so I am left waiting. In the mean time, I have used the Rift S again. Goi
  8. I should also mention that my G2 is out for warranty replacement. It started failing regularly (going blue screen and disconnecting from the PC) after just 1.5 to 2 months of use. Because they are out of stock, the estimated replacement date is March 12, a full 1.5 months from the day they received it. It was nice that they didn't hesitate to replace it after a very short tech support chat session, but not so nice that they can't replace it anytime soon. In the mean time, I have been bouncing back and forth between my old Rift S and the Quest 2 I bought my son for Christmas. The Ri
  9. The thing about the Winwing Hornet throttle is that the range of motion/functionality is essentially identical to the real thing. I size my stick extensions to get a realistic range of motion in the pitch axis (measured by linear displacement of the top of the stick). So, in theory, I shouldn't need curves on many aircraft and any problems caused by the throttle range of motion should be close to what real pilots face in terms of sensitivity.
  10. My biggest complaint about the G2 is having to use both WMR and SteamVR. I much prefer the Oculus software in terms of stability/performance/ease of use. Since the Index also uses SteamVR, that's not really a penalty when comparing the two. While I very much want a wider field of view, lower resolution stretched over a wider view is a loss in image quality. Going from a Rift S, the G2 dramatically increases the resolution and slightly improves the field of view. I would still like to try a Valve Index, but I am not going to buy one when I already have and love the image quality and performance
  11. The MiG-15 and F-86 have very similar performance, yet have distinct advantages/disadvantages and fly very differently. I find it easy to fly the F-86 whereas I have to get used to the MiG-15 if I haven't flown it regularly. The MiG-15's ability to climb while turning compared to the F-86 means that it can generally engage and disengage at will, too. With equal pilots, it is a close match. But if a MiG pilot knows how to use his superior specific excess power correctly at the right time, then the Sabre will never have a chance to land rounds, only the opportunity to make a mistake that gives t
  12. The MiG-19S is actually what I wanted more than the P. I am interested in recreating historical combat missions, particularly Korea, Vietnam, and Israel. The MiG-19S and/or its Chinese equivalent were more historically significant than the P. In the absence of the S, the P will do. But I would still rather have the S and was glad to hear Razbam was planning on doing it. I hope the MiG-19P gets cleaned up and the MiG-19S is developed. But having the VEAO Hawk and having prepaid for their P-40, I know things don't always go the way I hope
  13. ED should make the F-5E a dual variant aggressor/combat aircraft module similar to the C-101 and L-39. i.e. two slightly different aircraft for the price of one. But it is probably not cost effective for them to do it for free and it may not sell well enough as an upgrade to justify the cost. I don't understand why Belsimtek or ED would deviate from reality when they could have just as easily chose and made a single 100% accurate version that had the gameplay features they wanted?
  14. Besides the WW2 fighters needing easy comms option to work, this is one of the more annoying aspects of using Vaicom.
  15. For me, this remains true in all of the WW2 fighters. All I have to do to test it is start an instant action mission with a WW2 fighter and try to talk to my wingman: "Two, engage bandits." If I don't have easy comms on, there is no response. With easy comms on, the wingman responds immediately.
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