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  1. Yeah, I've read, and seen interviews, where Mossie pilots have said that the airplane was a real beeotch on the ground. That surprises me with that wide tracking landing gear.
  2. 418 Squadron. Canadian unit, I assume? I believe all of the units with 400 numbers were Canadian, in the RAF.
  3. Using the airplane as a night fighter, a function which it performed, of course. Setting up JU88's around the map and hunting them down, using the map as RADAR and trying to find them in the dark. Might be fun.
  4. Well, I have to admit....those screenshots made me go, "Daaaaaaaammmmmn!" Nice. I just might have to have this. By the way, are you going to be able to see a navigator sitting next to you?
  5. Yeah, and to be honest, that's how I've bought most of my modules. But sometimes the waiting is painful when you're seeing screenshots or watching You Tube videos of something that you're waiting to come down in price.
  6. So why can't you do this on any of the maps that have a large body of water. Why would a new map need to be developed just to do that?
  7. I've TRIED to like it. I really have. But I don't care what anybody says. Il-2 is a game. DCS is a simulation. Every time I fly Il2 I get pretty bored in minutes. Can't put my finger on what is wrong, but it's not doing it for me. I won't be sinking anymore money into it. Now, DCS, on the other hand. Yeah, I have to have this Mossie, I think. I really can't be spending all this money, but it looks terrific. And the Corsair. With Pacific Islands! I Zero! Essex class carrier! DCS, I'm retired...have pity on my bank account. Oh, now having said that...I should add that I actually do lik
  8. Bigger than you imagined? How small did you think they were? They're actually one of the smallest of the WW2 fighters. You should stand near a P-47 or a Corsair.
  9. Don't understand buying a flight simulator, investing in high fidelity models, and then using some cheap, ten dollar joystick that doesn't have any rudder control. And then wondering why you can't control the airplane correctly. It's not an arcade game. And it's not IL-2, where you can fly a 2000 HP taildragger and get it off of the ground the first time you try. Another guy is complaining that he's been trying for a WHOLE 2 hours and still can't take of in the Spitfire. USAAF flight training during WW2 took nine months.
  10. That is very cool that they are implementing the navigational aid that helped U.S. Navy pilots find their carriers. I'm looking forward to seing how that worked.
  11. "Anyone heard of Barrel bombing on Dams using Avro Lancaster. " Has anyone ever heard of the second most famous bombing raid of WW2, after Hiroshima? No, never heard of this.
  12. "Why not Guadalcanal? A total land/sea/air environment in a condensed area. The amount of unique missions is staggering. Air to air, shipping attacks, surface engagements, carrier warfare, troop support, Washing Machine Charlie missions." And why wouldn't you be able to do this on the Marianas map that we're getting?
  13. Oh never mind. I'm a dumbass. I had only disabled them...I thought I had unistalled them. I did it correctly this time and freed up 50 gb on my ssd! Thanks for reading, anyway.
  14. Skatezilla's Updater Question Ever since the free module month, my updater detects all of the modules that I tried out. It still says "Belsimtek F-14 detected" for instance, even though I don't own the module. It doesn't show in game, only on the updater. Is there somewhere in the files that I nee to go to delete these? I don't like files that I can't use taking up needed space on my external harddrive. Thanks for reading.
  15. Ercoupe

    A-20 Havoc

    While there was a night fighter version, the P-70, I wouldn't classify the A-20 as a fighter.
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