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    No idea what below means, I just asked for a computer that could boss DCS.
    Intel Core i7-8700, Nvidia RTX 2070 8GB, 16GB RAM, 240GB SSD, 2TB HDD, 600W 80+ PSU, Wifi, Windows 10, Ttake J24
  1. I’ll give it a go thanks for the advice guys. I was attempting a low level toss to a tgt rich environment on the hoggit server and got malleted so many times when my bombs didnt come off and I had to try re attack.
  2. I thought I was going nuts. Thanks for this guidance. So in this case how do we toss bomb an area with the CBU97? Or can you not do that?
  3. Suffered the same thing. Found I had to fight it all the time to make it hold a specific radar search cone. Which switch are you guys using for zoom in and out on the X56?
  4. Assuming the 500’ agl straight and level transit along the runway’s length didn’t get you whacked.
  5. SP instant action Close Air Support mission The rocket pods when viewed from the cockpit on the pylon appear as an alternative weapon. (Almost Maverick-ish) When viewed in an external view they appear as rocket pods regardless of distance viewed. Sorry there is no track I only just noticed, searches the forums and I didn’t see it mentioned already. If it is, my bad. Minor issue, good work on the game thus far guys.
  6. Firstly.. I suspect no Block F16 avionics are not as sophisticated as Iron Eagle would make us believe. Secondly.. which cannon shells are they? MK84 explosive effect per shell, amazing. Thirdly.. it is still so so cool.
  7. Only if I can clip some of the kids round the head for being annoying????
  8. This jet is teasing like watching Pamela Anderson run on Baywatch back in the day, the vids look great. Good work.
  9. Did you ever hear them say they were good? Why do that to yourself. ????
  10. It has only happened on one MP server so I just haven't gone back but I will do. Thanks
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