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  1. Serial Number: 11088 Location: Maasmechelen, Belgium
  2. updated post with streaming version
  3. You can watch here the trailer of the movie
  4. Sands of Fire, for the people that don't know it, is a Battlefield 2 machinima with some scenes made in Lockon and also DCS A10. I would like to thank Glowing Amraam for helping us in the Lockon and DCS a10 shots. releasing this movie feels like closing a chapter in our lives. Six years of our still (well, maybe not) young lives seems so much, yet so little. All things come to an end, and so does the production of this movie. We've finally finished it, we're very proud we did. And we owe it all to you, the fans. This movie was made for fun and we hope you're having fun watching it. Remembe
  5. I have the same problem, still haven't found a fix? Everything works fine, microstick works as mouse and comes in conflict with trackir(shaking view) Can someone help me? thanks
  6. Because at the end, they are all the same. The look change, but thats about it. why you think that Bill et john got so good? they had a strong story. Its not the effects that makes a good movie.
  7. GA, start with making a good story ;) One of the last things in movie productions are effects and colorgrading.
  8. Good that the PS3 will be here in March.
  9. Nice movie, very cool camera angles. but... you know how i am, there is always a but ;) What im gonna say now is not to criticize your movie but just trying to help so you can make a better movie. When I watched this movie, yeah it was cool, but I didnt understand a thing of what was happening. yeah cool camera angles and stuff but that isnt enough for making a good movie. thats the problem of the most lockon movie makers. And i know it is not easy to make movies. when you show this movie to a person that dont know anything about jets(what is a f15 or a su27) he wouldnt even now wha
  10. Thanks For video editing i use Sony Vegas. gr
  11. Hello, Some will remember me from the ubisoft forum where I posted some IL2 and lockon movies such as Unleash hell. Afterwards I made The Fallen One, a machinima with the Battlefield Vietnam engine. The movie was a big hit and became one of the best battlefield machinima ever. Right now I'm working on Sands of Fire, My biggest movie project till now. This time we use the Battlefield2 and Lockon engine to tell a thrilling story about a soldier that gets trapped in the Iraqi desert. I'm doing all the stuff together with my clan LRRP for the BF2 part. Editing, story, effects are done b
  12. It was ok, I know you can do better;) Remember that even if its short, put some more work in your title. The big and small movie projects put a lot of money, that only to show the title of the movie. start by using better colors for your titles, or just use white, using a lot of colors in titles like you did make it very cheap, even on small projects. gr Little_Donkey
  13. there is more then just vegas, I use vegas only for editing, and for me vegas and also other editing programs(avid, premiere,...) are not made for effects. Try some compositing programs and you can do everything you want.
  14. Hello, About the glow and color correction, you can get even better results with real compositing programs like after effects, combustion, shake and others. Think, that everything you can do with photoshop on still images, you can do that with a compositing program with moving images(movie), so you can go really far. I use vegas only for editing, all camera movements, color correction and effects i do that in Combustion and Digital fusion and lightwave3d for some effects and camera movements. About the rendering its not totally true what amraam said, rendering is the process where your pc
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