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  1. Echo and Delta Models. Maybe someday and F?
  2. Once again I want to thank you all for keeping the conversation productive and respecting each others views. There are some good points and I hope that the message is getting to the correct ears. One of the original points I brought up was: Stop offering up aircraft to 3rd Party Devs and support their current offerings. For Example: Razbam is working on the Mirage 2C and have disclosed the Harrier and the AT-27. Why would they want to entertain even acknowledging the F117, A-6, Tornado, or anything else? There are a lot of threads that folks start and add no value. Even start arguments for no apparent reason. Reality. First thing that you need to get a licenses from the Aircraft Manufacturer before you can even think about modeling the aircraft. Then you have to understand the systems and if DCS can even model them Then you consider the complexity of the Module Then you determine if the demand for said module is going to recoup your costs. Ron and team know very well what their current capabilities are and they plotted their road map based on the points above and many more. Yes I want the A-7D very much. They have stated that the NAVWD is far to complicated and that the ATG radar which the Corsair gathers so much of its information on is not able to be modeled currently. So why would I bitch and moan over the lack of progress? Leatherneck Belsimtek VEAO AvioDev Polychop-Simulations Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the Community. Please do not let the rants and trolls influence your work.
  3. Thank you Sith. Trolls be crazy. Great newsletter today. Great information and a date for the Spit. Kudos! I would take one of them way before a screen shot contest or a teaser post. Even though I am not a fan of the Spit I would consider adding it in my stable to support the Dev. Earlier I stated that the Viggen is the next bird for me. But the Kitty would also be on my list. Then the Jug for my next WWII. R@M I asked everyone to be civil and not to turn this into a spiteful soap box for trollers. Simma down and when you get your rights back please feel free to join in once again. Said with Respect to all viewers.
  4. Please do not turn this into a Q/A thread for things that cannot be answered. The current topic is: "How do we ensure that 3rd Party Devs do not flee due to lack of revenue from the core Community that has already purchased the Modules they want?" Bring in fresh pilots Promote missions and operations with said modules in them Events focused on certain Modules / Era of aircraft Anything I am forgetting?
  5. Passion exists in the Community that is for sure. The good news is that the Passion is for the success of DCS as a whole. If ED thinks the current release cycle works and the weekly Newsletter does not detract from Development cycles then I am happy to sit back and wait for the fruits of EDs labor. My agenda is to ensure that the 3rd Party Devs do not up and leave us due to lack of revenue hench my comment about too many sales. It is hard enough for us Virtual Groups to recruit and retain pilots with out a solid foundation to base our ops on. The sooner the combined Exe is available the better for us all. I see from all of the posts up till now, we all want and support ED but each person has different expectations on what is acceptable for communications from Ed. Can we all agree that ED is not stone walling or playing with our emotions? Can we all agree that ED has been in business for along time and they have a roadmap that they are truely trying to stick to but are at the mercy of the bug god? If we can then lets move forward and curtail the feelings and emotions?
  6. Gecko's Translation: Some Russian dev or contractor spoke out of turn and was quoted and posted on the forums. This happens quite a bit in the industry and all it takes is a small blurb in the Newsletter stating that information was misconstrued and not officially released by ED. "We are sorry for this and do not communicate anything different based on Nationality" Then the message is clear and nothing to be upset about. Again this is Gecko speculation only.
  7. Thank you all for keeping the conversation going and productive. Unfortunately many good threads get shut down due to folks derailing it. The DCS Community is a great thing but we cannot expect ED or any Dev to continue without new blood. I have already purchased the modules I want and my next one will be the Viggen. Sure I bought the Hawk for 13 bucks with no intent to ever fly it. What did VEAO get out of it? That did not pay for a development resource or operational costs for a month. At the end of the day money needs to be made by all.
  8. You are correct and it was just a suggestion to foster dialog. It can be perceived that DCS modules are being devalued. %60 off RazBams Mirage. M2K Milvis $40.00 TacPack $40.00 It will cost you around 90 USD to get the Mirage and some of the functionality that we enjoy in DCS. Lockheed does not take their 3rd Party developed aircraft for P3D and conduct a sale on the aircraft. I am not saying the Lockheed model is in anyway better then the ED model. Finally, having to do weekly releases or draft a communications update that passes muster with the leadership is time consuming. I have no idea of ED leadership lay awake at night worrying about if the Community is upset or not. We can back off and wait a bit to allow them more development cycles to crunch through the list of items they deemed important. No disrespect was intended SithSpawn. Many Moderators do not have integrity and I am glad to see that does not exist here. In closing: I want a solid world with good code and stable MP. I do not care about the Hornet. If we have to wait for the job to be done right then I support that. But as a Community member i do not condone unsolicited requests for aircraft and then cry when I do not get the answer I wanted.
  9. The first thing that comes to mind to help out ED with development would be to not expect a weekly update or release. The standard for SW development is 2 week sprints and a Monthly release. I would be totally cool with a release on the first Friday of the Month. That frees up Wags from having to put together the newsletter every week. The second thing would be to go back to quarterly sales. On limited modules. The third thing would be to stop asking for aircraft that devs never even said they would do. And support the development of the current modules. For example: No F-117 No F-4 Phantoms even tough I would totally buy that day 0. No F-16 All this does is create noise in the forums and I am sure it frustrates the devs. "It would me."
  10. First off Moderators, I am not bashing nor am I criticizing ED. My concern is not cause for being banned or penalized for speaking out. The intent is to inspire discussion and promote a healthy dialog within our Community. I truely support and applaud everyone involved with DCS. Especially the 3rd Party Devs. Your aircraft are of the highest quality and I have many hours of enjoyment from the ones I own. Thank You With that being said I have to voice my concern over the latest practices of promoting DCS to the masses. The constant sales to cover up the lack of information maybe diminishing the value of all Mods for DCS. If I can expect a weekly sale and force bundling of Mods to make up for anemic information on progress? Why would I pay full price? Am I thinking too much into this or do I have a valid point? Discussion Points for the Community consideration. What can be done to help ED promote DCS and still have their Primary focus on the backlog of work they have? As the DCS Community, what is our responsibility to ED and the 3rd Party Devs that bring us the outstanding content that we seek? They need the Return on Investment to us! Finally lets all agree that timelines move and issues arise. No developer in their right mind purposely screws with their customers for fun. They have honorable intentions but are at the mercy of the coding gods. I hope my post is respectful enough to remain open and remains productive.
  11. Looking awesome! Will be a very nice aircraft to master.
  12. Add me to the list of happy campers. I am so pleased with the way the Tiger handles and its capability. You have raised the bar pretty high Belsimtek.
  13. To all DCS Virtual Pilots. Leadership within the Virtual Armed Forces (VAF) have come up with a great service offering to the DCS Community. So many have expressed that they are on the fence about using any Radio Plugins or mods. We understand that the install process and the trouble shooting can be a detractor for allot of folks. To the point where the thought of testing and trouble shooting kills the effort before it starts. The immersion and sense of accomplishment using real radio procedures and frequencies is well worth the trouble in the beginning. So we have this to offer you. UniversRadio Training and Support sessions We have gone through several months of testing and troubleshooting within our squadrons and we fill that we can provide support for individuals and squadrons alike that want to take advantage of UniversRadio (UR). So our plan is to host several training sessions using UR. UR 100 - Basic trouble shooting and ground comms. UR 200 - Using multiple radios and Guard. UR 300 - AWACS and ATC UR 400 - JTAC and CSAR traffic UR Advanced - IFF and Secure trans. Please Contact us for TS info and scheduling a slot. Private Msg either Myself 75th-VFS-Striker Prerequisite is that you must have the Latest version of UR installed to include: Caucasus relief map v1 Go here to find information on how to Configure UR.
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