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  1. Here you have the new video of the Air Pirates Squad (from Spain). Click in the letters (DESCARTELO A ALTA RESOLUCIÓN AQUÍ) that there is under the videotape and to download to see it to their original resolution (1280x960). The size of the videotape is 150Mb, but is good. http://www.piratasdelaire.com/ A greeting from Escuadrón Piratas del Aire (Air Pirates Squad)!!:pilotfly:
  2. Hi, here there the briefing to hiperlobby mission, to 64 players with motive "REDATON LAN PARTY SARAGOSSA". http://www.piratasdelaire.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=26&Itemid=2 A greeting!!
  3. The day 24,25 and 26 of November, the Escuadrón Piratas del Aire (Air Pirates Squad) organizes several missions for 64 pilots in a national computer event that happens in our country, all squads they are interested in participating, please posted here: http://www.piratasdelaire.com/foro/index.php?topic=28.0 The missions will be transmited in the enclosure of the event in a big screen, also It will be published in the national news of our country. A greeting! The Cheff from Air Pirates Squad
  4. Dear tflash: The IFF system this is independent signal to depending on the army,If not F-16 of the different armies of the world could not be distinguished, therefore, he has to be possible to make a coalition with anyone. I am a Sam operary, and the IFF frecuency is independent in each army.
  5. Dear developers of Lock on: Every time that you take out a patch to the pilots of F-15C you don't punish it worse. Or you stop to create patches that the only thing that you make is to destroy more the game, or to make one once and for all that it works. From the exit of the version 1.1 have not made a patch in conditions, and the only one that has worked well (the 1.02), and very little time was. If you have the shame of charging us for each expensión, to have the shame of making it well. The bug: 1º) All the ecm in any way of radar of F-15c appears as enemies. 2º) In 80% of th
  6. If, you are right. The problem now is that playing in the hyperlobby many times appears me in the radar the friends like enemies.
  7. If, I continue even having the same one the problem after reinstalling, I believe that the problem is that the patch continues without repairing that failure.
  8. The Air Pirates Squadron (www.piratasdelaire.com) is interested in hiring a host to play for the hyperlobby. Could somebody indicate to where to go to rent one?. Thx
  9. I´m sorry, what is rollback function?. Would it be possible that post me the address?. Thx for all
  10. I have been to play the new 1.12a version from LockOn, and they continued leaving "ghost spikes" in TWS mode. Also, the contacts friends continue appearing as enemy contacts. Is it that anything has not gotten ready?. To you it does also happen you,or only to my??. :confused: :confused: :confused:
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