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  1. Two little things: Can you readd the nice looking Loman Desktop Icon and maybe rechange the name to Loman for peoples who install it only for Lomac. And yes maybe some preview Pictures in the Graphictool of the changes in Lockon like LOCFG it has... plz But sounds really good i really like Loman (Modman) best LockOn tool ever
  2. 21 is a good age ;) ... Happy Birthday from my side too :thumbup: *erm* His B-Day is Tomorow 21.oct...
  3. First i will go return to standart CPU Clock Settings if she's overclocked .. Then look how's the temperatur of the Card (that can you see in your Nvidia Control Panel) Looks like a overheated GPU or maybe CPU
  4. I've noticed a bug with your Tool when you Install the FPS Tweak from Thomas D Weiss... Something with the View.lua is wrong then
  5. Ah ok yes that was a problem for my too :D but then i saw that you made a new .cdds file
  6. Really nice .. what does it exactly do with the graphics.cfg ?
  7. What's exactly the problem with the config by the AIM 120 ? it's only a new model there was nothing changed in a Configfile when i think right Hmm what's wrong with the textures of the Fueltank ?
  8. Jeah thats really cool can you make this on all Rockets in LockOn:megalol: But really a nice feature now ED must give you a jop :P
  9. Very nice update .. can't await your new flanker :) will she come with a new cockpit too ?
  10. Ah ok thats possible .. i really can't await the new R-77 your really fast in modeling basic modell in 1 -2 days .. i think you can get a job by ED ;)
  11. Hmm noticed a lighting bug with your AIM120 Rockets and the new Fueltank for the MIG 29 ( The MIG wears the AIM's because i conversed the buggy R-77 modell with the one from AIM120 ) Here i made a shot:
  12. Hmm take the middle way 7950GT with 512Mb like this one : http://www.asus.com/products4.aspx?l1=2&l2=6&l3=0&model=1350&modelmenu=1
  13. Noice :D Hehe i hope ED will take your models in BlackShark :smilewink:
  14. Damn ! this was really fast ! Did you this with the sites and images i've post you yesterday ? Wow you're really good :thumbup:
  15. Here found some things for you: http://www.airpower.at/news04/0706_flanker/bewaffnung.htm http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vympel_R-77 http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a1/Adder_Missile.svg http://www.reserve-info.de/luftwaffe/mig31.htm http://www.airwar.ru/weapon/avv/r77.html i hope it help you a bit...
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