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  1. No, there was no help in creating Ki-100,I'm sure the latter is simply a temporary measure when Japanese DB engine no longer available.
  2. That's depends on................................ Perhaps Despite Iranian local modify,nor fleet aircraft was carried in this shape which now a daily scene on servers as if you defines "accuracy" in such narrow aspect............... Alone with D/G/H Sidewinder/VTAS or triple AM which currently not yet available,it's a good feature to applies the Tomcat with AIM-120! As of X-31 for Phantom or Icecream barrel on F4U,it ought to have capable to use them despite if those of loadings are "officially issued".
  3. Fictional Macross UN squadron,originally decided for future release D variant Tomcat or STC-21 Download Link
  4. Just change the country line on livery description then you can assign any specific aircraft to any country.
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