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  1. Folks, On the next update the TPOD Laser arming requirements will be fully active. The requirements have been there from the beginning but were not working. That has been fixed. If the requirements are not met you cannot set the laser to ARMED. If ARMED, either FIRING or not, if the conditions are not met the laser will be turned off and safed (SAFE showing in PB06). These are the conditions: Landing Gear UP Airspeed > 100 KCAS Master Arm: ARM Master Mode: AG TPOD SWFOV mode: OFF TPOD must be either Area or Point Locked or be slaved to
  2. The knobs are on the HUD control panel, between the HUD mode and Altimeter mode switches. From left to right: BRT and CONST
  3. I discussed this at large with him. And he confirmed, no DESG, no AUTO. CCIP to AUTO conversion indeed does not require DESG but that is because in this case the target is the CCIP spot on the ground. I can't explain why it should be this way, but that is how our SME described how it works. In fact, he gave us his SOP: When nearing the IP press DESG and designate the IP as the target. Then use the TPOD to search for the true target and select it. EHSD will go into DESG TGT. Do a Long Winc and EHSD will go back to DESG STP. I also asked about the NWS switch and its functionality is mo
  4. Unfortunately in the latest updates (2010 and newer) the targeting system changed. Now it is a requisite for an AUTO release to set the EHSD in DESG mode. This indeed will set the current steerpoint (waypoint, markpoint or targetpoint) as the selected target. The EHSD will show DESG STP, and AUTO calculations will be performed. If you then select another target, using any onboard sensor, the EHSD will show DESG TGT. This means that the aircraft is STILL navigating towards the selected steerpoint but the target is elsewhere. AUTO calculations will be performed on the new target position but t
  5. Absolute targets require that you uncolonize (unselect) the selected targets on the ODU and then colonize (select) them back again. It is the only way.
  6. I know. It is a PITA trying to get the correct balance. Still working on it. Work with the HUD brightness and the VIDEO brightness. HUD brightness only actuates on the stroke symbology. Video only actuates on the video.
  7. TOT is based on the destination point. With NSEQ inactive, it means Direct-To the current waypoint. With NSEQ active, either TERM or NSEQ modes, the TOT is based on the total distance from your current position to the destination point: the last waypoint in the TERM or INGR routes. You must have NSEQ active BEFORE computing CS/T for TOT.
  8. The latest HUD update includes an AGL indicator below the main altitude indicator. As its name implies, it shows altitude above ground. R when radalt is available and radar altitude is valid D, which means Digital Altitude, is GPS based altitude above ground and it becomes available when the radar altitude is invalid.
  9. Zeus67

    RWR update

    The RWR has been updated. It now works as closely as possible to the real device. The RWR identification codes have changed as well as the sound warnings. Attached you will find the RWR code library M-2000C RWR Threat Codes.pdf
  10. The AOA in the HUD is a -5 feature, that is why it was removed from the C. You can put it back by selecting it in Special Options.
  11. Hello folks. The LMAVs not tracking issue is a DCS problem and ED is looking at it right now.
  12. New night mode factor value. Please be aware that using the moving map with the NVG is not recommended.
  13. Hello folks. Please allow me to explain: 1. The Night/Day switch in the MPCD is working. If you set it to night, it reduces display brightness to 60% of current value. 2. The slider idea was for you to determine how much the brightness will be reduced when you activate the night switch; 10, 20, 60% of set value. You don't like it, then it is not going to happen. Also, we are looking into other causes that may be affecting the brightness when the night switch is active.
  14. Zeus67


    Update for April 15th 2020 M-2000C: - Radar lost contact memory (DO) enabled. - PCA updated: RDO Button enables/disables DO for manual unlock. - Special Options update: --- Show the AOA in the HUD: fixed --- TDC Gate Aperture for PPI Mode: Added (modificator for radar TDC in PPI mode) --- TDC Keyboard Precission: Added (modificator for TDC speed when using keyboard)
  15. Another sample of DO memory. Both the "ghost" contact and the locked target are in the screen at the same time. The radar is in PIC (STT) mode.
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