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  1. Hi Mate, just saw the cock you built,  amazing working.  I planning on doing nearly the exact same thing.  Do you have plans/dimension that you used or is it all just best guess work?  Specifically interested in the front panel design.  Even if you had more photos of the construction.







  2. Hi all,probably a silly question, however I am flying the Oil in the Water campaign (higly recommended), however the Missions gives you ag targets in bullzeye location. What is the best way to slew your AG sensors to a bullzeye location in the hornet? Up until now i have only seen bullzeye used for AA targets.
  3. Up to Mission 6, Great fun campaign. Watching the carrier group defend itself was pure joy. So glad sea mode was added to the Hornet before i started this campaign. Thanks Again, immersion wise, as good as any paid campaign i have played.
  4. With thanks to Cluster - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301053/?sphrase_id=907625
  5. Excellent!! and thank you!
  6. Hi all sorry for what is probably a stupid question, however in the mission editor I used to be able to select Australia for Country and then the F/A18C Lot 20 would be an option in Type. Now it is no longer available as an option. The F/A 18C Lot 20 is only available when I select country USA. Is this a recenty change or am I missing? I have old missions where I was able to add an Aussie Hornet.
  7. Hey mate any update on your landing panel. Very keen for this one, would love to see different style switches though for us VR users.
  8. That's pretty funny!!! [emoji1] Sent from my Lenovo TB-X605F using Tapatalk
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