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  1. Thanks, I do appreciate the help.
  2. Just found out about Rctl-Enter for virtual controls on screen. Is this mentioned in any manuals where I can find about more specfics? I saw an "A" and a "B" with an arrow. The "B" I think was the brake. The arrow I'm not sure but seemed to be tied with the brake. No clue on what the A was about. Thanks, wiiired.
  3. I too have tried to download a training video for BS2 and my message is "DCS: Black Shark 2 not found. Installation interrupted." I have BS2 installed and running!
  4. Thanks for your help. Wow, what a nightmare, but I think I've got it now. I uninstalled dcs world and all dcs programs, then reinstalled bs1 up to 1.0.c or thereabout. Could not get TR 5 to work even though it showed up. went down to 4.whatever for my tr5 and it would work, but it's not all that hot, no smoothing, some other stuff. I was rummaging around the Track IR site and there was a suggestion to dl the newest software and save it to the desktop, not run it from dl manager, and then to run the setup program with administrative rights. Well, it worked. I've never been able to run th
  5. Yeah, the light is green. works fine without DCS. I uninstalled the whole thing, just reinstalled BS1. It shows TrackIr in control options but I still can't get it to work in BS1 either. I thought it was working in BS1 before I tried to upgrade. scratching head. I did scroll all the way and it just wasn't there.
  6. Thanks for the help. No, it's not listed in the control option. I'm running 5.0 trackir software, bs and A10 are in the supported games. Funny, BS1 it worked fine, then nothing when I upgraded. Any thought? wiiired
  7. Hi! Is trackir supposed to be found automatically or do I need to somehow set it up? Looked around the forums but I couldn't find anything. It doesn't work at all in A10 for me or any DCS progarm. Could it be because I'm having serial number problems with BS2 and it's not registered? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. no chance of emailing the s/n to us? Looks like it's a five-day problem now.
  9. I think my ticket is 16113. I purchased BS2 upgrade but got no s/n. Thanks. I left you a couple messages, which is where I derived my ticket number. my login is wiiiired. I'm hesitant to put down my unique transaction number. you should have it. Thanks.
  10. So I upgraded to BS 2, got a unique transaction number, downloaded the patch and it's prompting me for a serial number? I click next, nothing happens. How do I receive a serial number or activation code? Am I the first one to ask this? Is it that hard to explain it before I have to ask? Sorry, but it's baloney. Thanks, wiiired
  11. Trying to DL Black Shark TouchIRServer_export_Full_BS1.1.zip and I keep getting a notice that the zip file is corrupt. Anybody able to dl this?
  12. Well, just on a couple issues. I have Lockon Gold. I haven't asked for help, only some info which was kindly now answered. Mr. Wolfloskins, I don't think SLeak needs you to speak for him. He took a shot at me, I took a shot at him. Geez is a disparaging remark and I took it as such. Also, this closed posting is getting to be the rage. Just Polyanna, please, bootlickin will be rewarded. fine line. I guess you can only insult a little. It ain't right.
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