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  1. There was a change. Now it is not Coolie Hat Up Short, but Coolie Hat Down Short to make HMD SOI.
  2. Just to clarify as this thread got a new flag. I do not want/need the HUD projection changed, but the default height of the pilot seat lowered.
  3. Any chance for Right/Left Click Consistency, Data Cartridge or additional symbology for the TGP in the future as requested in the Wishlist forum? I would love to pay for additional functions and further developments!
  4. Thanks for your advice! I am always willing to learn. CCIP bombing is a challenge in itself. That is why i didn't even mention it in my earlier post. But what about the countdown for CCRP bombing being always outside the viewable portion of the HUD now before dropping down (for example)? What would be the procedure for that other than lowering your head or the seat as the countdown always appears on a fixed spot in the HUD no matter what you do?
  5. I got a VR Headset yesterday (HP Reverb G2) and same problem as in desktop mode. But the topic has been flagged as "correct as-is".
  6. Not that I would know of. I understand what you mean, but I think it is not meant to be fine trimmed, because of what I wrote before.
  7. I think the plane will never be properly trimmed as it is influenced by so many factors like speed, wind, air pressure, air resistance, weightchange (dropping bombs, burning fuel). It is a process and you have to adjust the trim constantly.
  8. ON - always visible OFF - never visible OCLD - not visible while overlapping with the HUD
  9. Yeah, thank you very much, Taz! Is it possible to reset the saved view in case you want to return to the default settings? I think ED needs to change the default view again or the HUD itself. It makes no sense that the default settings place you in a plane where the seat height is not correctly adjusted to the pilot. And I doubt that a real pilot would have to duck in the cockpit just to be able to see most important elements of the HUD.
  10. Since the last update (stable player, 2D TrackIR) which altered the standard view in the cockpit I have to lower the seat position, too. Otherwise the gun reticule moves out out view on the upper side of the HUD when performing a gun run and the release countdown for CCRP bombing is out of frame before it starts to drop. It is annoying, but I think it is not as bad as in your Screenshots.
  11. You do not need to show the DSMS on one of the MFCDs, but the HUD needs to be SOI to change profiles via DMS left/right. AFAIK it has always been this way.
  12. I do not need a HMCS that dynamically moves with headmovement - although I can understand why you wish for it. For me it would be sufficient to move the HMCS postition more towards the upper side of the screen. It feels very wrong in center-position, because with defalut view and neutral head postition the cross aims towards the instrument panel while in reality the line of sight would be through the HUD. Furthermore if your seutp is ergonomically correct your eyes are just a little below the top-line of your monitor. So with the HCMS in the center of the screen, your eyes need to look downwar
  13. Ah, thank you. I will try it with CONFIG set to FIXED LO.
  14. Hi, my HUD shows "INVALID FUZING" when I want to use the Mk-82AIR in slick mode (no ballute deployed) by changing the fuze type in the profile from nose/tail to nose only. I tried it from from a high altitude and did not set a minimum height in the profile. Any ideas what I do wrong? I couldn't find an answer. Thank you very much!
  15. In the real A-10c, there is a delete button on the CDU as stated in another thread. But the simulation is currently missing this function.
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