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  1. Retro wise Digital Integration made an F-18 sim in the mid 90s 1999 in fact.
  2. Had my reverb g1 about a week now. Was a little concerned with the performance at first but after doing my research and leaving no stone unturned this is a mighty fine headset. I’m actually achieving better frames now than I was with my CV1 mainly because I don’t need MSAA on anymore because of the resolution of the reverb. I’m seriously impressed with it and I’ve still got a 1080ti.
  3. I have similar specs to you. Ryzen 7 3700x OC to 4.5ghz 32gb ddr4, but I have a gtx 1080ti 11gb I have used a Oculus CV1 for years now. Only just got a Reverb Pro. the CV1 has been a great headset but with the options available now it would not make sense to purchase that. I was getting very smooth and decent FPS with the CV1 but reading about the reverb I knew the CV1 was starting to show its age and decided it was time to go for an upgrade. I’ve only had a day with the Reverb. Significant improvement in visual rendering, performance wise after tweeking all day I’m starting to
  4. Just picked up a reverb for £340 used but still under guarantee and according to the description and looking at the pictures has had very little use and looks very tidy. Anyway just wondering if someone can give me a heads up of their experience with the reverb. I’m coming from a CV1 and I was torn between this and a rift S which I could have bought brand new for a similar price but have read so much about the clarity of the reverb it convinced me to give it a go. Hoping I won’t regret the decision. I’m really hoping my specs can serve me ok. At the moment my CV1 is running beautifully with
  5. Ok many thanks for clarifying out of interest do you own a reverb? I have a Ryzen 7 3700x oc to 4.5ghz a 1080ti and 32gb ddr4 dcs is running really nicely with my pc and my cv1 with high settings. I’m looking at the reverb because I’d like an improvement in clarity. Do you think I’m pushing it with my specs going for the reverb? The other option is the rift S.
  6. Just seen a tempting deal for a reverb professional edition, but want to make sure it comes with everything needed. I don’t see any sensors on stands like I have with my oculus CV1, does the reverb work on a different principal?can somebody explain for me, many thanks.
  7. Hi T-pap I've downloaded and used the Admiral189 and CrazyEddies Augusta Westland AW101 Merlin mod which looks fantastic on the deck of the Invincible class carriers. They have the parked aircraft with tail and rotors folded as a static object. Unfortunately after about one minute of starting a mission the aircraft disappears and reappears at certain angles. I placed the object on the deck of the supercarrier for comparison and it doesn't do it. I'm guessing its a VR issue and probably only effects VR. I would love to get this static object working on your carrier. Do you think their may
  8. yeah just done a couple of tests can confirm that its the wind that's causing it not to work, is this a known issue? Just seen your earlier post so inputting a head wind 7 or higher might be a workaround? Well done drPhibes, set a headwind speed of 8kts and ILS works thanks.
  9. Yes definitely had ILS on. I turned the rotation switch fully to the left to confirm it actually switched off then turned it back the other way and can see it’s on on the ded, yes also have PLS/TCN mode on. Like I say I can get it working on the PG map. I will try uninstalling the Caucasus textures mod this evening and see if that fixes anything, can’t see how that would be effecting ILS but you never know. A repair might be needed as well.
  10. Kolkhi does on runway 09, well according to F10 map it does. Same thing on Kobuleti 07. I have Caucasus textures mod installed I wonder i this is effecting things?
  11. ok so I can get this to work on the PG map but not on Caucasus? really confusing. I've tried Kolki, ensured wind direction is facing me so ATC tells me to land on runway 9. Tune ILS to 108.90 flying all the way to the runway but get no ILS signal? Tacan works fine.
  12. Hi could someone help with the ILS on the F16 I've followed tutorials to the letter ensuring the frequencies are set on the DED TACAN and ILS both set ON T/R Tacan On for ILS. Set PLS/TCN on HSI set my course, the needles show but are off and seemed locked like they would be on the A10 if you don't uncage the HSI, It seems like that's the case because their is a red marker on the HSI and two red markers on my artificial horizon. Could someone explain where i'm going wrong? Edit: I've worked out that it seems like when I set the TACAN channel first it was stoppin
  13. Yes I think your probably right but I didn’t want to pay that much for it right now. I’ve spent so much on my hotas, stick extension, pedals, jet seat. It’s a cheaper alternative that works better than my previous workaround.
  14. So I had this arrive about 3 days ago. Had my plans for it I thought it would be really nice to have something I could use without having to take my hands of the hotas, I sort of already do by having four buttons binded on my stick for left and right mouse and rotate etc, but one find it’s a shame to loose the four stick buttons and two it still feels a bit unnatural. Anyway at first I thought it’s good but the thumb pad to move the cursor isn’t quite as accurate as a mouse but after three days and some getting used to it actually works really well, the thing is the cursor sort of goes where y
  15. This looks really cool. Something like this coupled with FFB would be a dream.
  16. The standard was set all those years ago. in all seriousness i had it and it was an amazing game for its time. But we’ve come a long way.
  17. “We will be developing the A-6 as a fully flyable module together with our partners at Eagle Dynamics”, does this mean collaboration on your A6 module with ED? And ED will have a hand in your work in the future?
  18. I’ve found with the last couple of updates I get best performance setting tray tool to auto with the asw for oculus. Traditionally this has always been best set to off.
  19. https://www.urban-factory.com/en/home/683-wireless-ring-mouse-mini-mouse-to-be-used-on-finger-3760170840529.html
  20. Sorry I know nothing about yaw vr I did take a look at it some time back but couldn't think of a way it would work with the extension I have on my stick but I would be interested to hear peoples thoughts on it with dcs. I have a jetseat with gives really good buffet effects with the F14 module and I need to have ffb activated in the game as well as software for the jetseat. But yeah sorry cant help with Yaw VR and i dont think ive seen any members on these forums with it. Good luck.
  21. I currently have left right mouse and rotary switches mapped to my Hotas and can point to things with my headset. But I’ve just purchased a ring mouse and am waiting for it to arrive. For £40 I thought it’s worth a go and is a lot cheaper than point ctrl which does look good I admit but seems a bit pricey to me plus the long waiting time. I shall see how it goes but it looks pretty workable with your thumb whilst still using your hotas.
  22. Been a few months since the last post on this subject. Is this being looked at by devs. As mentioned before you can see object scenery grow as you fly along even with high visible range. Could we get some kind of acknowledgment it will be looked at? edit: after installing Syria map again there is an improvement as a VR user, but I’ve had to increase my visible range. So happy to take back some criticism here. I still think some of the mountains look blurry and repetitive and need a little more work. But I remember the Normandy map being improved over time so look forward to further e
  23. The MH I’ve always found is the most reliable.
  24. I agree with you for me lefuneste’s version 7.4 runs better for me as well. I think the edges around the canopy look a little neater as well, maybe just me.
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