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  1. I think the water textures are back after the last update. Looks that way too me, I can see the textures at altitude now.
  2. The F14 is comparable with the rest I get 45fps 90% of the time however I’ve probably lost 5fps since the new clouds release
  3. The first image would look alright if it was a lake maybe. But it’s not a lake. I’m with you please put it back to how it was.
  4. If you are a VR user I wouldn’t bother. Others may have different views, for me it’s unplayable.
  5. Sorry I don’t agree I think the water effects were great before. To see breaking waves at altitudes just made you feel more like your were flying over the ocean.
  6. I thought something was wrong with the water. It is not flat but the wave effect seems to be less prominent. Adding wind used to show more breaking waves the sea looks very still now with wind and high water settings. I only use VR so I’m not sure with 2d.
  7. Would have expected VR to have been checked more before release.
  8. Have you set clouds to high or ultra in menu setting? makes quite a difference.
  9. I’ve managed to get a reply from Magnitude/Leatherneck. I’m sure they won’t mind me posting this as they were happy to provide me with the information. VR pilot is planned for the phase 2 cockpit implementation. Which is great news as far as I’m concerned, and I know there’s lots of users out there which will be delighted as well. Unfortunately they couldn’t give me a time span, I asked would it be released this year and they couldn’t say. At this moment their top priority is the F4-U. So as far as I’m concerned I will continue to buy and support LN/Magnitude. I’m really pleased because I l
  10. Ok thanks makes sense I shall give it a try.
  11. Ok I shall do. My altitude above the targets or below when launching?, and supporting the radar below the targets or same sort of altitude?
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