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  1. That’s strange it’s not working. You have latest version? I use JSGME but I would assume it’s the same process for OVGME. All maps run great for me performance wise, just the channel, but the channel is a known problem for most VR users.
  2. You don’t have VR shaders performance mod installed? I’ve noticed this mod doesn’t work with that mod installed. It’s a shame as Lefuneste’s mod is essential for me now, but the only way the channel map performance is acceptable for me is with the shaders performance mod. I use open beta with Lefunestes mod, and stable with VR shaders mod.
  3. I’ve asked a few times via their website but never get a reply. I love the 21 but only fly in VR so I no longer fly it. Unfortunately it will stop me buying the Corsair as well. As said there are other modules that have a VR pilot and I use them. Some people will think it’s insane but it is something that has become a real immersion breaker for me and I just can’t fly without thinking about it. I don’t have the space and can’t justify the expense of a home pit so VR for me is a much cheaper but also really enjoyable and immersive experience. But after investing a lot with jetseat all my Hotas
  4. I would like to see relevant voice accents for the units of certain countries. For example, the Mirage 2000c seems a bit odd with the pilot speaking American English. English with a French accent would be perfect for the module. Flying the spitfire or the harrier for the uk seems a little strange with an American English accent. I’m sure it’s a bit of an undertaking but if the atc is being revamped I would love to see this implemented. Currently the Russian aircraft have Russian comms which is great and appropriate, as well as American aircraft. this is a wish list so you can but ask.
  5. The T1 was very pretty. Unfortunately the T2 is not.
  6. I still have 262 listed in my WW2 backer section from pledging during the initial Kickstarter, so I hope not. I have received all other aircraft only the 262 left. Although I would be happy to change this to a F6F if this was a possibility as it is one of my favourite warbirds of all.
  7. Amazing stuff, I wasn’t expecting further improvement this is great.
  8. I sort of get what you mean, I look at the textures and they can look a bit repetitive and artificial particularly hills. And the growing trees are still a big disappointment for me. I'm not sure if this is made worse because of using VR, I know increasing load distance made no difference to the visual appearance for me. The airfields, well that is something else they are the most detailed and convincing of any I have ever seen in any sim, amazing. I hope they keep improving it, PG is still my favourite DCS map for now.
  9. The Harrier is a brilliant module, and if you have an interest in the Harrier it is an essential module for any flight sim enthusiast. It’s also the only STOVL jet in DCS which adds a different dimension to landings, something different to think about and learn. Aerial refuelling is tricky but achievable having the probe over your shoulder, VR helps but it’s challenging. It holds a nice variation of weapons, it doesn’t carry much fuel, so you have to think about that and manage it as well, you also can’t land with too much fuel. Looks and runs brilliantly in VR if you are a VR user. There is a
  10. Illustrious looks even better, it’s amazing, this is an such a good mod.
  11. What an amazing mod I’m really enjoying it, keep going with it can’t wait to see further updates. This is such a great addition for the harrier.
  12. Try this mod. It’s the only way to change the saturation levels in VR that I know of. It has made a massive difference for the look of the game for me.
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