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  1. Good day Admiral, Have you thought about adding the Newport Class texture to your Oak Hill. It would make the Oak Hill look much closer to reality and also bring a consistent color to your US Navy boats. The Oak Hill is a little too brown in hue currently. Just a couple of thoughts....... -Preston
  2. Hello Eagle Dynamics Team, I was wondering about models Matt Wagner had mentioned are being updated Like the SH-60B and the S-3 viking for example. Could you guys maybe talk about these Ai models in the next update, and also any other models (WWII) that are in work? Maybe an expanded discussion of Ai could be a good update topic? I for one am really curious about Ai flight models, Getting new models in the Sim prior to release of full modules (F-4E), learning more about the tech behind Ai Airport ground routing, etc....... Along this general subject matter, It would be great if we co
  3. Call to arms, Cypress and Bahrain (Please) While I understand that it is outside of the scope of the project, completely omitting the island is a very odd decision. (As is omission of Bahrain in PERSIAN GULF) It should be included even if it is a flat featureless landclass style blob in the shape of the actual Island. This way it will take up very little memory resources. At least then Naval Formations will have to accurately navigate around it, and air defenses can be placed upon it which our aircraft will have to avoid. -Preston
  4. RealSimGear GNS430 @DWAIL Any Chance that we could get this working with DCS? Its esentially just a button box with a screen attached......... https://realsimgear.com/collections/all/products/realsimgear-gns430-bezel-for-x-plane-realistic-gps-for-your-sim?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0YD4BRD2ARIsAHwmKVkJm7gAtDN5LunnlX-72pFGPtvVkjN6uiteM9__5E4oPKwxeK7u1IsaAtFkEALw_wcB
  5. There’s about a million pictures online that say otherwise. As an aircraft mechanic I can tell you categorically those pylons were not welded to the air intakes. Quite honestly if you’re not a member of the HeatBlur team you don’t have any business answering the question. Sorry I don’t mean to be rude, but that’s the way it is.
  6. Fuel Tank Pylons This may seem like a small feature, but important. Can we get a fuel tank pylon delete option in the Loadout Menu please? The Clean Tomcat is really iconic, also there was a very limited amount of external fuel tanks early in the F-14 program, which is why you see early A’s without them most of the time. -Preston
  7. Langley Fast Packs It wasn’t just Iceland and Alaska that got Fast Packs (Conformal Tanks)
  8. Hey Guys, A while back (when NTTR was still in beta) Wags had made a comment about bringing a feature to the sim of individual Airport Addons. Has this idea gone by the wayside? It was a great idea, and would be a much welcome addition to add missing bases such as NAS Fallon, NAWC China Lake, and the famous Edwards AFB, but also to be able to bring additional detail and accuracy to the Myriad of Civilian airports in each of the maps. Really seems like a missed opportunity on the part of ED.
  9. Woogey

    F-16 Ai

    Nope, just a different 3D model.......and really just the Extended canopy of the two seater. It is requested as Ai, it does not need a new flight model, it does not need a separate cockpit model, just a visual representation.
  10. Woogey

    F-16 Ai

    It would be really nice if this new F-16 Module also came with some additional F-16 Ai models, specifically a two seat version. As the two seat F-16 was produced in very significant numbers, It would really add to the experience if we could have F-16D Ai’s on the ramp, and in the sky side by side with our Single seaters. You cannot find a single base anywhere in the world with F-16s that does not have a large amount of 2 seaters present. They are not there for training only, they in themselves have a 100% combat capability, maybe even better than the single seater with the second set of
  11. Well the A-6E and KA-6 will be free Ai models added with your F-14 Purchase. It makes a very good business case to make an Ai EA-6B model that you would get with your purchase of the Complete flyable A-6E module when it is ready in a couple of years. I wonder though what we will see first the A-6E full module, or an F-14D?
  12. Hey Guys THANK YOU! Is there any way we could get the remove pylons option for stations 1, 2, 7, and 8? 1 & 8 are the parent wing glove stations which were removed on show birds occasionally. These stations aren't as important to me as the fuel tank stations 2 & 7. These station quite often were not mounted. Please add this in a future update, as she could be just a little more sleek and sexy if the 2 & 7 were able to be removed! Thanks again Gentlemen. -Woog
  13. Robert you’re clearly a fan of the Hornet, which is why your statement sounds like I personally attacked you. Just because an aircraft has a higher score card does not mean it’s a better or more capable aircraft. By every single measure, the Tomcat was more capable. If you compare the score card for all Tomcat A2A victories, you will find the Hornet coming up short. You seem to forget about this other little country called Iran that shot down many more Iraqi jets than US Hornets ever did. Respect is something that is earned by a person, not a machine. If you want to credit the mac
  14. Ripper: Indeed life is pretty damn good to me. Zhukovsky: I am not sure exactly what “armchair analysis” you are speaking of, other than the simple fact that the Legacy Charlie Hornet is a lesser aircraft to the Tomcat and the Super Hornet. Operational Security is a great blanket term that most definitely covers the release of classified information regarding aircraft and anything else you might want to use it for. I am not here to argue another pointless fight. Zuk was anything in your statement constructive or necessary? I just wanted to find out more about the carrier plans. -Wo
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