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  1. Dear customers: There has been quite a controversy about the DCS: AV-8B Harrier II Night Attack module being moved from Early Access (EA) to Released and pretty much all of it is based on the false presumption that it means the module as being “a done deal” hence no more work or bug support/fixes will continue. As stated before, it is a false idea. Being out of EA means that the module reached a production milestone and it’s that it is feature complete as what has been promised in the product description page, it’s a process that comes in 2 ways, us as a 3rd party content developer co
  2. Once everything is settled with the Stennis (in this case, ED) we'll work in LHA-1's features, new and old
  3. Thanks for the concern There are tight behavior guidelines but at the same time i know we'll nonsense comments, but comes with the job, grew tired of reading post abput people that say they know how we run this organization but are dead wrong, or presume (based on wrong knowledge) about developments, this converts into gossip and then into an alleged truth, while in reality is not. Discord gives you a less formal channel (than a forum) to get in touch with any of us.
  4. The fact is, we decided to push forward even more, broke some stuff in the process, that needs to be fixed and tested properly, this is a finished product that will be updated as DCS evolves and some new features added in time, that's why there is no early access.
  5. A date is set, and everything so far is on schedule
  6. If you dont have problems now, there is no reason you'll have problems when these will be ready
  7. Prowler111

    AV-8B MLU

    AV-8B N/A is also getting a midlife upgrade, here is a very WiP of new cockpit textures. And fear not, work on it has never stopped, some stuff just need quite some time to get finished the proper way.
  8. Not sure if AI version will make the cut for release (but will be added as an upgrade) but S version will be included eventually in the package as a bonus, the main subject of the module is the P version
  9. Exactly, we planned to release this aircraft by 2018, and in fact all development goals were achieved BUT we decided to go further with art and also manuals, training missions etc, since this is going out as a complete module.
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