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  1. He's busy with manufacturing problems so hasn't had time to for a photo-shoot or to update his webshop. I've been bugging him for a year to let me take new photos and update his webshop, but it's the classic "noo, I'll do it myself". You should all send him angry emails saying, I demand hegykc takes new V3 MFG photos and updates the webshop!
  2. MFG is from the same country as me. So we copied my damper solution onto his MFG V3 rudder pedals. So the newest version comes damper-compatible as stock.
  3. Yes exactly: "springiness", "boing", "weight" or "smoothness". All addressing the same thing. Like playing Call Of Duty on a gamepad Vs aiming with a real 10lbs loaded AR-15. The weight of the gun dampens your movement, you can't instantly throw around a 10lbs gun across your entire field of view. It takes a certain time and effort. Don't know about modding anymore other company's products. I could have designed my own pedals by now from ground up (I'm not saying I didn't, wink wink.) This can further explain it. My base has dampers, not hydraulic ones but exactly the
  4. There is still weight, even in fly-by-wire modern jets. Because we are talking literately about physical weight. Imagine playing a GYM simulator right? You would be picking up 100 lbs dumbbell weights with your joystick. How realistic is that? Now imagine installing that damper on the joystick and then simulating picking up weights. See what I mean. Doesn't matter what plane, what speed. You could be cold-and-dark, parked on the ground, you are still moving maybe 50lbs with your rudders on a Cessna, or 200lbs of metal in a modern jet. That's what I was after, I want to feel like I'
  5. Spring must stay on. Damper is only to smooth out the movement and provide weight. That's how it is on a real plane, imagine moving 300 lbs of metal cables and rods with your feet. You can't do it instantly fast like on MFG rudders. Yes damper is WAY TOO STIFF out of the box, just turn the little gear knob to the LOWEST setting, try it out... increase... try it out... increase... until you like the way it is. I have mine at about 30%. I've had about 10 people try out the damper, including me. Not a single one would ever fly without it again. MFG already copied my design
  6. Thanks, forgot to link the thread You can see they started as more realistic looking, imitating real life F-16, F-18 and F-14 pedals, as suggested by the testers themselves: BUT, something you don't really consider with F-16, F-18, F-14 designs until you get to use them. Then problems of the realistic looking 1:1 designs become painfully apparent: 1) About 75% of my testers reported toes falling into the F-16, F-18, F-14 cut-outs. (Real pilots wear heavy boots, not socks or bare skin) 2) Then another 30-50% reported flying barefoot so their feet ge
  7. Thanks guys. There is a thread on the forum, with development progress over the last 6 months. Myself and about 30 forum testers hit many dead ends searching for the best solution, until we narrowed it down to what worked best. Me and Milan, the owner of MFG are good friends from the same small country. I'm trying to convince him he should have these injection molded and offered as stock option. We managed to implement damper mounts as stock, on his V3 pedals. But he is very busy making rudder pedals due to the current spike in demand. Until then, these will do. Funny thing is amon
  8. I developed combat style foot rests for MFG Crosswind rudder pedals, which allow for a much more precise 'heel on the floor' control. After 6 months of re-design and improvement, they now fit all kinds of different requests, high angles, low angles, high position, low position, wide or narrow... my testers didn't go easy on me. They come with re-enforcement mounting plates, braking spring adjusters, new tension wheel, are adjustable in width and height, and even damper mounts for main axis and brake damping: You can get them on my webshop for 75$: https
  9. MFG owner is a real pilot. But here is our problem: Real pilots are positioned to control the pedals with horizontal push, while office chair simmers are controlling their pedals with vertical swings, much less precise. Regardless of pedal type. You can put TM TPRs close underneath your chair, and you will get terrible precission. Or you can put your MFG further forward with increased angle and have great precission. Now granted, parallelogram style pedals like MFG make the problem worse by not allowing you to use 'heel on the floor' control. I made myself
  10. The design is finalized: You can get them in the 'for sale' section of the forum:
  11. Chill man The plan is to setup manufacturing of some good realistic feeling flight sim controls. I have been posting pictures and videos of every single detail I engineer, what else do you want from me? We're in the middle of a worst pandemic of the last 100 years, everything's under lock-down and international transport is in chaos, would you mind giving me some time I'm not going to do any holiday hype. I share my prototypes when they're done, not my ideas. Browse through my google photos album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xje8m6rWKeDCvVkg7 Or my Im
  12. Yes, that is my proof of concept prototype in the video: It is 3d printed like the rest of my 'proof of concept' line-up. I use them to test out different switch desings, triggers, buttons, connectors etc. And to test the limits of my 3d printing farm: I just recently finished a joystick base prototype which you can see on the youtube channel, along with some trigger and pushbutton demos, but there is still no throttle base.
  13. Added P-47 trim-box and gear lever:
  14. Don't see any new PMs so I PMed you guys. Yeah AU was a problem since shipping there was completely closed for a few months, no packages and no envelopes. Was re-opened in September, but if they haven't arrived yet I will send you another envelope since there was a design change in that time anyway.
  15. TM Warthog has 100% milspec forces and travel on all of it's buttons and no one complained, quite the opposite, that's what they loved most about it. Night and day difference between TM Warthog grip switches and VKB/Virpil grip switches.
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