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  1. Hey guys, Been playing single player only up to now, still learning. Had a lot of fun with lock on though. I haven't logged on yet and i can already see the flaw with multiplayer. I understand why they had chosen the Ka-50, and that some people were disappointed that there would not be a fighter to begin with. Personally i wasn't disappointed. The prospect of the project was enticing enough for me, lol. That said H2H is a very important thing in multiplayer, and in the shelf life of said game. I like co-op as much as the next guy, but it gets old alot quicker i think. I don't regret how things are by any means however, I believe that this has been done backwards. The other aircraft should have come first, if only to fulfill the H2H satisfaction. The white-knuckle flying everyone loves from lock on. THEN you add the other roles. Of cource this is just part my opinion. The other part of me says, that the A10 will spice things up quite nicely in the H2H arena. I guess time will tell how this unfolds, and I gotta say they got me excited. heh Anyways, I'm about ready for online play I think. I can fly the thing anyways, haha. See ya soon!
  2. First off, Hello everyone! Finally bought BS and am thoughly enjoying it. I played lock on with you all for a few years, was alot of fun. I have been trying to soak up everything aswell, and currently am trying to wrap my head around the trimming and AP systems. After playing for a bit, I have been doing it like twoarms. Am i correct in thinking this would be the proper way with an x52? So, if i had a FFB stick, i would just click trim and release? It seems to me, like twoarms has said, it's sort of like a pause button, so wouldnt you use it the same way with a FFB stick? I can see reasons to use both methods, but I'd like to use it the proper way, if you will. Holding it seems like the most logical choice with either stick, but then again, im not a real pilot! :) FD is another issue all together. Doesn't seem to do anything at all for me. I understand the purpose I believe. However, when I turn it on the chopper just banks to the right slightly, no matter what your bank was when you activated it. If i was banking left at 5 degrees, with no input, then turn in on, it banks right 5. With FD on does it require constant input from the pilot? I was under the impression it would still hold attitude if you where hands free. Ok, back to reading and practicing. :book:
  3. This might be a dumb question, but I'm gonna ask it anyways. :) Since the cockpit is fully clickable, theoreticly you would'nt need to map anything to the hotas except simple stuff. Is this a correct statement? I guess what I'm getting at is; If you map the cabin light, for example, to a hotas button, would there be no need to use the mouse to flick switches? Doesn't mapping everything defeat the purpose of having a clickable cockpit? lol
  4. I've always wanted to join aswell. ( I'm a bit old now. ) But im colorblind to green so i figured that they wouldnt let me anyway.
  5. Very nice work GA! I let it roll through like 4 times before i shut it off. I hope your videos get a far reach on the web. We'll have too many people playing lock on! :)
  6. Thats cool Vapor, I didnt know about the red mark.
  7. Most I've gotten in the current game was with the 15. 3 at once in tws.
  8. They probably went bankrupt working on black-shark, lol
  9. Not that he would actually know how to fly it. Unless they have started giving police officers flight training and i didnt hear about it. lol
  10. They are announcing FM for all flyable airframes, with clickable cockpits in a patch, which will be released tomorrow. The bad news is it's not downloadable, you have to order a cd that santa will deliver in person. Signature required so be home tomorrow! Oh and if you order within the first 3 seconds you get an f-16 with FM + clickable. So refresh, refresh, refresh!
  11. Also my game was blue screening and rebooting my machine. New video drivers fixed this. The obvious "check all your drivers" cant hurt either.
  12. Can try this, but i dunno if it will work. It's obviously for multiplayer cache, but it seemed to work for my random crashes as well. But yes deff install the patch, that will probably do it.
  13. That's where i got mine also, good bandwidth there. I got 550k/s so only took hour and a half or so. Too bad i couldnt find a patch to 1.08 server that fast. lol I waited longer for the patch than the 2+gig game. :cry: Just dont get it for the planes. Thats one sad excuse for an A-10. Where the hell did they get the A-10 sound anyways LOL. The choppers are a blast even if they are simple. Either way im hooked on the game. Where you guys usually playing at? I'm on suicde squads evo server most of the time. We all need to hook up with graywo1fs squad and get some games going.
  14. I put my vote in for ArmA too, sorry hitman. lol I bought it the other day, best shooter out there atm. Cosmonaut was right in the other thread. Shhh. :music_whistling:
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