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  1. Awsome, that worked! I own physical copies of almost all of these, but nice to have a digital reference too.
  2. Thanks for the link! FYI, a few of them appear to be corrupted. J
  3. I'm in no way affiliated with this, but you guys might want to check out this auction for what looks like an authentic ACM panel. https://centurionauctions.hibid.com/lot/53094601/desert-storm-us-f14b-tomcat-vdig-and-acm-panel/?cpage=4&ipp=100&q=&ref=catalog
  4. While we're talking about the x56 thumbstick... Does anyone else's stick in the back position? It almost feels like it has a mechanism to "hold' it in the back position. I don't remember if it has always been this way, or if it's a new issue, since I hadn't really used it, prior to binding for DLC.
  5. Same here. I have the black one, and just use binds within DCS. Not at home at the moment, but there is a "DLC" under axis binds, which I didn't find for a long time. Try mapping that one to your thumbstick.
  6. I think you want it off for take-off, on for landing.
  7. Yes to twist grip. Not all of us have room for pedals.
  8. FWIW, I was at Farmingdale Republic Airport back in Oct of 2006 when the actual last flight of a US Navy Tomcat took place. In talking to the pilot afterwards, he said that they "broke" the jet on the high g turn he pulled just prior to landing.
  9. I see them there, but the only option is to "Buy" it. If I click through that, it eventually takes me to a payment screen asking for a credit card...
  10. I don't own any modules yet, and it doesn't appear to be available... However, based on the statement below, I would think it should be: " Starting today and lasting until 1 October 2018, play DCS: F/A-18C Hornet, DCS: Persian Gulf Map, and the Su-33 for DCS World for free! The Hornet and Su-33 include all the missions and campaigns as the purchased versions, and they can be played in both single player and multiplayer modes. Enjoy! If you do not already own one of these modules, we hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity and try out a new DCS World module and consider a purchase. For install any of those modules please see into Module Manager in the game."
  11. They keep pushing the date back... I've had this pre-ordered since last Aug!
  12. Iranian Tomcats were delivered without the refueling probe doors from the start.
  13. Fantastic update! The depth of detail that goes into making a study sim like this, never ceases to amaze me! If I could make a suggestion? Would you be willing to include this type of info in the manual or at least in an appendix? Thanks, Jamie
  14. Please, oh please, oh please do a D w/ Lantirn.
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