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  1. Indeed you are though, as your primary concern was MP Syncing with users running the mod. your asking ED to integrate the A-4C MOD, so when in MP Using the MOD, users without will see them. If ED was to integrate their own A-4C AI, it would likely have a different module ID, and therefor not show when a user is flying with a community mod regardless. So you are indeed asking for ED to Integrate the mod.
  2. Q3 Does not always mean July-August-September, Companies often use offset fiscal calenders. While the graphics engine will be Vulkan, the Core of DCS still uses Parts of Windows Libraries and functions.
  3. Saved Games/edModelViewer2/ usually, or in the DCS.<BRANCH> folder.
  4. It's not retiring yet, it's in reduced deployment, F-22As can fly in undetected and send data back to F-15EX's that are basically missile trucks. What they are going to do is reserve some F-22A Airframes for parts to last at least 20 more years. F-22A is a dying airframe, tooling is gone, line is gone, no way to make more, it's dead. NGAD Program will replace F-22A, with Prototypes being evaluated by 2030. You know the F-117A's were retired over a decade ago, right... see how that retirement's going? USAF will tell the world they are retiring them, save 20-30 of them, and transfer them to a specialized unit. F-22A can out turn, out fly, and last in a 2050 battlefield, why? because nobody today can hack a IBM286, They may add ability to Link with newer aircraft via subsystems, but the core aircraft is a late 80s Hardware set.
  5. Next Version will be a ways away, Under the hood re-write of some scanning, and adjustments to UI Layout and graphics.
  6. That's for if you launch Oculus Mirror, it will use Default Settings from Oculus.
  7. even with Radar Guided Hellfire, You can have 1 Apache mask, and send radar contacts via network.,
  8. Copy / paste the contents in to the customer launch scripts text box and check the checkbox above it??
  9. F-4E Phantom was already in development via the BelSimTek Office, Projects got re-arranged when BST Merged/absorbed back into Eagle Dynamics Office. But no project is going to be started and then just deleted. So it's just a matter of time, and getting all these In Development Modules completed and out of the way for new projects (or old) to resurface
  10. if it's an directX API Overhead issue form object count, then 3080 to 3080ti isnt going to change anything, I'd wait for Vulkan, by then GPU prices may stabilize (hopefully).
  11. Nose Along Y+ axis Vertical Tail along Z+ axis.
  12. Presets arent leaving, just evaluating some of the issues to see if I can fix with a cleanup of code or re-write the code to resolve issues. I was testing an option.lua parser that opened the options.lua into the app, and you can change settings, hit save and launch and launch with new settings, but the issue is with aircraft specific settings, they are dynamic to each install, so everything out of the base settings was constantly reset.
  13. Sorry for delay in next build w/ Newest campaign, a bunch of under the hood things being done: -Re-organizing code (Moving Sections closer to each other so additions are easily managed) -Condensing more functions (There's a few functions that link back and forth, and are redundant now), -Cleaning out old functions no longer needed or didnt work properly. (Some functions added to code that didnt work properly and were disabled but not removed) -Adjusting UI Appearance Scheme -Cleanup of Launch Functions in preparation of a re-code (Launch Functions being re-coded to accomodate future expansions of launch flag/options). -Evaluation of all Functions to determine if they need cleanup or re-written. (especially expansion functions like Presets)
  14. Check App Permissions Level, as well as DCS and SteamVR Permissions Level.
  15. Chiplet design has already been out, this isnt a "breakthrough" reveal. Shoot we knew chiplet design specs before 6900XT was even launched.
  16. Typically, Loading Screens are best suited w/ renders over a background. in Modelviewer, You can post a model, adjust animations and aircraft orientation, light/envcube type, capture a Color Render w/ Lighting and Max MSAA (RALT+PRNTSCRN), then toggle black/white (Sun All the way down, Set AO or Cavity Render Mode) to generate an alpha map (RALT+PS Again), or just render directly from 3DS w/ Alpha. That way the Aircraft is rendered max quality over the background, and not edited in post causing aliasing on edges. Lighting and Effects can also be added post without worry.
  17. just in case you missed the multiple posts re: do not download the latest versions, as they are internal builds and will not work on an system without the updated software to go with it. go back at least 30 days.
  18. He/She might not like modern stuff, but RedFor Modern is pretty much out the window due to information lockdown laws in most of those countries. American/NATO/Joint stuff might get to 2005ish, but I doubt you see any MiG/Su Aircraft past 1980.
  19. Firstly: F-21 is a Indian Variant of the F-16V Block 70/72, Designed by Lockheed Martin and Built by Tata Adv. Systems. Definitely Classified. Not Seeing Either F-16V nor F-21. F/A-18E/F Block III, Most Definitely Classified, You will not be seeing an accurate representation systems wise anytime in the next 2 decades. Block I Lots are "do-able", they share roughly 85% Commonality with a Legacy Lot 20 Airframe, But if you look at capability, it's actually a downgrade vs F/A-18C Lot 20, due to A2G Ordinance restrictions and transonic drag. Block II Early Lots are the same as Block I, Block II Later Lots are classified as those lots incorporate expandability to Growler Airframes and numerous new systems. E/Fs were designed to continue to grow the Boeing Hornet Suite in a new airframe w/ Space for new systems, Late C/Ds were running out of space internally for some of the systems that are now part of the super hornets. It takes the Hornet Design, and expands it's capability and survivability, but the transition from C/D to E/F initially lost some A2G Capability until newer Systems replaced the old ones.
  20. Intel has a history of making their proprietary code run like blah on other products.
  21. that would be something to ask in a dedicated server thread, my app has no control over missions/restarts. If you only have 1 of the VR Interfaces installed then the Ability to change between Oculus and SteamVR is disabled.
  22. If it's disabled it's because Oculus nor SteamVR is detected, and DCS will launch using whatever default VR interface.
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