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  1. When hitting the VR On Launch Button it auto switches to the VR Headset Profile. Because users asked for a VR Headset Profile Separate from the other 4, and allow it to be customized. If you want the options from Preset1-4 to be in the VR Headset settings, just copy/paste contents of Options.lua.Preset0x, to Options.lua.VR As Mentioned before, App Managed Presets may get removed until I can clean up the under the hood functions of it.
  2. Mi-24 and AH-64D would open the way for future multi-seat helo's of the like..
  3. This function is already handled by Windows Core, it'd be a waste of code space to integrate on an app level.
  4. If App Crashes that involves enabling/disabling other screens (ie VR, Extended Monitors, Eyefinity, nVidia Surround, etc etc), then Coordinates will be corrupt, and the restore window option should be used, if the failsafe does not automatically move the app back to the main page, Outside of that, if Presets were used, or if other items were running, the app settings file may have been corrupted, see 1st post for cleaning those settings.
  5. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/272921-question-for-the-game-devs-amd-fsr-support/
  6. --quiet switch removes updater prompts. so: dcs_updater.exe --quiet update
  7. Make sure all files in the zip are in the same folder, seems to be missing the newtonsoft.json dll, which is in the zip file
  8. Steam Version of DCS does not have the DCS_Updater.exe, which is the file used for the Update/Repair/Clean functions. Steam Uses it's own file management.
  9. It's was integrated a while back, but removed as it was thought to be causing hidden window problems, which was found out to be a different issue altogether, so I will be re-enabling the system tray option in the system tray menu, it will show as "Hide App in Taskbar when Minimized", and will remove the app from ALT+TAB Windows as well.
  10. I will have an Option to Keep in System Tray or Hide in System Tray when Minimized in the next build
  11. App Settings Tab, Application Settings Section, 2nd Option to Minimize/Restore on DCS Launch Presets are working correctly for me, please attach a zip of the application log file.
  12. What's the path under DCS World Patch? It's obviously not finding the DCS Install, hence the red square.
  13. the VR_MODE Function does not apply to the Normal Launch Button, it's only part of the Launch VR ON/Function. As for presets, once a preset is selected, launch DCS, Configure, exit. select another preset configure, exit, repeat as needed.
  14. Hey Skatezilla, Brand new to DCS and your utility, but it has loaded and is working great. The only issue I have is this. Recently moved my saved games folder to the D drive from C. My saved games folder path status is Red with an "R" after. Did I screw something up. Also, I have no saved games. Thanks

    1. greyeagle787


      No saved games because I haven’t played any yet! Thanks

  15. Thank Guys, Identified a Cross link in scan code between 3 modules, link will be fixed in next update.
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