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  1. I need to change some stuff, originally I only had oculus settings in the app, then steamvr etc, so some settings still have Oculus naming, when they are universal. the Rendering Driver Setting is a Global VR Settings, if you change it to SteamVR it will check SteamVR and uncheck Oculus, and use SteamVR when launching DCS. next version it will be moved out of the oculus section.
  2. Hi 

    Can you explain me how to add missile in dcs world 

  3. Scaling is way off, no way NCC-7101 is remotely close in length to a Borg Cube.
  4. Has nothing to do with that, and there is no exclusivity contract. they don't even have a Full fledged license, hence the reason it's called VRS SuperBug and not VRS Super Hornet.
  5. There's already a GPU Open / AMD Equivelent of DLSS
  6. GPUOpen has a DLSS Alternative already.
  7. I'm currently traveling for holiday, Once I get some free time I'll go through and edit the posts and move images and clean up formatting.
  8. This Discussion is not Affiliated with my Work.
  9. Dear All, Sorry for lack of communication, I am currently travelling till after the new year for my job. All Versions of the Updater files are attached to the bottom of the first post still. (Scroll to bottom), and choose 10-02-2020.1 Zip Attachment.
  10. Dear All, Sorry for lack of communication, I am currently travelling till after the new year for my job. Tables and Information Formatting will be updated soon.
  11. Like the Hornet, The Viper is Modelled around a F-16CM Cira 2007, which pre-dates APKWS Use.
  12. The Mod wasnt killed by E.D., The mod no longer functions due to changes in DCSW Core, along with a couple dozen others.
  13. Related to AutoUpdate CFG JSON Parsing, what version of DCS are you running?
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