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  1. Working on 3d cockpit and textures for the exterior model.
  2. Thank you mate! I'm hard at work building the cockpit. Jose Valdez. 3D Modeler.
  3. The Martin-Baker Mk BR10LCX has commonality among many aircraft, the model mesh though, is being made from scratch for the Super Tucano by me. Jose Valdez.
  4. And because you guys are very patient... here come two screenshots of one tidbit. All images are WIP.
  5. The project is very much alive. Screenshots will be available when we have something to share. Jose Valdez. A29 3D modeler.
  6. I apreciate the patience, the interest and believe me, I love this amazing turboprop very much. There are significant things to consider when building this module and those sometimes take time, a lot of time, but also, there are other modules that deserve our immediate attention in order for you to enjoy that already are out there. I'm working at a pace that will allow other amazing work to be done before we can put our efforts into this one. The M2000 being one of them, it's getting better and better as time goes by, and that same magic will find its way into this one. I enjoy building a tidb
  7. Not much to look at… yet. Jose Valdez
  8. It's certainly not dead or in stand-by. Jose Valdez.
  9. Take the good and learn from the bad.
  10. We keep working on it but a modern and scarce aircraft presents some challenges that we need to overcome. Sometimes we wait long periods to gather information from our sources. The exterior model is basically done but some functionality of it, needs refining. As soon as I have something worth showing we will certainly share it guys. Jose Valdez. A-29 3D modeler.
  11. Ok. I'll post some on our Facebook page tonight but the changes mostly are in the guts. You'll see a few new things though.
  12. I'm on it guys, believe me. Lots of refinements needed to be done and those, although make the aircraft more accurate, do not show easy to the naked eye. Jose Valdez.
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