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  1. Depending on your needs, I have felt the TM warthog is a decent blend of quality and availability. I havent gotten to try VKB or VirPil.
  2. Just ran the bios update today before I ordered in case it bricked. Today was the 3900x order. I'll get 32 GB ram next. Going to try to get 2x16 so I can possibly add 32 more much later. Nvme comes later. Partially because I want to get a good sized unit, and partially because I want to see how I would migrate windows onto it if possible. As it stands, the cpu and memory will let me fool around in the editor and free flight as I get familiar with the hornet. With the nvme I hop online, then GPU to crank things up and maybe get myself a vive, even if it's for other vr games
  3. I've spent maybe 3 hours just cruising in the Hornet. Since rumors of it in the early 2010s, I had been waiting. The 16c does alot, and does it all well. I think the same applies to the Hornet. Do you want to have more time in A2A, or A2G? I pick the Hornet because I much prefer the idea of being a lone carrier group flying far beyond the coast for precision strikes. If I wanted to do more A2A and didn't want carrier ops I may go for the other.
  4. Thanks for the clarity guys. AMD 3900x and 32gb of ram are on the menu for now. I look forward to flying with the community again!
  5. My mobo: MB-474-301 MSI X470 GAMING PLUS AM4 ATX Haven't looked into it yet but I'd assume it could handle the newer chips. We got it last march. Guys, don't get me wrong. I want to eventually enjoy dcs in the reverb/good vr, but I'm not expecting to max anything at any stage of this.
  6. I believe my limit will be 500 usd. I think the two main concerns should be my cpu and ram to be able to enjoy dcs with a monitor at 1080p and trackir. I'm ok with holding off on a GPU as my last upgrade.
  7. I've been away from DCS for a number of years as I waited for the Hornet to finally release and get to a point that would be more fun to play, and less "bug/issue hunt". I have had a somewhat decent rig, but I know I'll need a bit more to have the experience I'm looking for. Right now, I have: Ryzen 7 2700 @ 3.2GHz 8 GB of Ddr4 RAM @ 3000 I also have a GTX 1660 TI @ 6gb The other potential area for me to improve is either making sure I'm on an SSD, or an NVME SSD. I know DCS has always been CPU intensive. And I know 8higs of ram might work for CSGO but not this.. But..can my rig handle a good vr headset like the reverb without touching the graphics card?
  8. At some point, they intend to revamp the "Warehouse" and logistics of the game right? It seems like we'd need something to bridge the naval units with the land warehouses too.
  9. I started with an X52 Pro for the A-10 maybe 6 or 7 years ago. I sprung for the Warthog a little later and loved it so much more. Now I'm back to looking for a cheap setup to use on my desk. I'd take another X52 Pro with no hesitation. Especially if you've got a single engine aircraft. Again, I was using it for the A-10C, and even the FC3 models. After a while, I sold the warthog and got the X-55 Rhino. That is the ONLY stick I've regretted purrchasing. Others I have tried are the thrustmaster t1600, and the old microsoft FFB 2
  10. Does this mean the icons are going to be made to scale too?
  11. Are the pilots going to be that dumb? Land, roll out of the way, keep it moving, right? And obviously don't have 40 Hornets in the mission?
  12. I'm actually surprised we haven't seen experimental and "inspired-by" lines of aircraft in the sim yet. I would buy both generic earth maps, as well as more sci-fi/fantasy maps. Though, if I had to focus on 1 map and 1 craft, it would be one of the planes from Macross, which were mostly modeled on the F-14 anyway, and an arctic map. Barring that, let's start with introducing a weird flying saucer that is maybe unarmed but can outspeed any craft we have. if we spot it and try to fight it just zips off across the map.
  13. If anything, the Hornet opens up: Coastal anti ship defenses Naval air bases and ports that ships can dock at F-18E/F escort tanking and an escort tanking AI task. (Imagine being hit, leaking fuel. Nearest tanker is called, gives you fuel while flying back to base) Supply and replenishment overhaul so oil tankers and military cargo ships are sent from shore to ship or reverse as supplies are moved. Different, perhaps localized damage for naval ships. Bonus if this affects airports, like knocked down towers mean no ATC, beacons destroyed, etc. Carrier based cargo planes SAM logic that pairs with AGM-88 missiles. Emergency arresting gear at airports. Overall, I think the Hornet asks more for a general overhaul more than addition of totally new assets. Though I certainly don't mind!
  14. I assume a fully loaded 18 could keep up with the rest of the flight, but will the flight be slowed down to the point of not covering enough ground? And if it does keep up at a normal speed, will it have the endurance to stay around..
  15. Does the hornet have a suitable weapon to deal with launched anti ship missiles? Or is the concern only the offending launcher?
  16. AegisFX

    Data Cartridge

    I'd be pleased to see it also connect to the pilot logbook in the sim. Maybe have a generic template there, that you can load and edit through the editor for specific flights/missions.
  17. Probably not. At least for now.
  18. the end sections of that outdated NATOPS has some checklists if you want to do some legwork for it. Otherwise I'm not aware of any. I bet some hornet pit builders might know of some, but I assume those are going to be mostly F-18E SH lists for any 18E sims out there.
  19. Can I launch strikes on China from Japan?
  20. The F-15 is using a simple systems simulation. Advanced flight that may involve turning some system or switch may not be available because of that. I doubt the Hornet will have the same constraint.
  21. Willing to split the difference and take an MV-22 I sorry? I think it would be a lovely aircraft to own and could fill quite a few roles in game
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