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  1. Truthfully, I'd bet there are more non-towered airports in the USA than not. CTAF for announcing departure and landing, but it's more an announcement that others can hear and react to. At towered airports, you may sometimes have separate ground, approach, and departure frequencies but that's more for ATC workload management. I think the kneeboard charts have the actual airspace outlined. I'd love to have a more complex ATC for controlling flow, but that really needs a more complex "civ traffic" setup that includes civ cars, ships/boats, and civ air traffic. You DO however, request taxi clearance at towered airports. Construction, traffic flow etc means you may go one way today, and taxi another path the next. Then you hold short of turning onto runway, and are either cleared as you come up to it, or are gonna be cleared when the previous plane takes off or lands and gets out of the way. Long Post just to say: start up and even taxi in DCS with no care in the world. I think the ATC can tell you to hold on takeoff if a silent player has communicated with ATC and is on final approach though. YMMV.
  2. I believe I've experienced this on the F15C gun as well. I have not seen it on the 18C or other FC3 units. That said...I'd hope any work on updated damage modeling would include some basic effects for external weaponry and their racks, like stores that wont drop, duds, and even an armed warhead that detonates after taking a super (un)lucky hit from a gun
  3. I think we'd all agree that it IS very much unrealistic for ED to bother doing that instead of the other infinitely more relevant additions and fixes
  4. T/o trim? There's also an actual fcs reset switch near it but I don't know what it will do while airborne
  5. Spawned in a multiplayer server. began to do auto start sequence. Left wing breaks, and I now have a fire. At first I believed the Cat beside me opened his wing and struck me, but the track seems to show this happening randomly. That said, I repaired, and kept going, but that brings up the Rad Alt constant beeping. I kept flying, and the track is quite large. I am looking into how to shorten it to mostly the incident for sharing. edit: trying to attach .trk. Unable. says I am missing a security token.
  6. Why have you been wanting to switch things up?
  7. I could be wrong and misreporting but I've read that the loadout/rearm panel is correct weight. The checklist page on the DDI is sometimes wrong, but apparently is correct with no weaponry on board. I've seen no information on specific trim settings.
  8. My next question is, can we place an AWACS with a bunch of Hornets with their weapons in SIM mode and perform more "training" styled missions where we can "launch" or "Shoot" weapons with each other and not actually lose aircraft..
  9. Exactly the kind of info I was hoping others would add. Thank you
  10. I know the AI is random but man, the turning radius is good, especially if you do the G-override. Perhaps that will change with upgraded damage modeling or flight modeling though.
  11. The A10C holds nearly double the CMS though. The F15C also holds a lot more. Is this a Navy thing?? Where the plane doesnt hold as much due to operational needs? Or is it just a design thing for the 18C? ..how many does the 14B hold....
  12. Yeah, we do need real naval bases if not shipyards. We put a ship off the coast with a shit ton of guns and its hanging out with a bunch of yachts? Nah. Gimme a real bombing target with shipping and logistics containers to bomb, etc.
  13. I'm hoping the new damage modeling for aircraft will provide opportunities for an exploding aircraft, or one falling apart, to cause appropriate damage to air raft that are too close, like an explosion and debris getting into the engine of a trailing jet. I don't want my killer flying through my fireball.
  14. "Only update for the Hornet" DCS F-18C Hornet by ED Improved accuracy of gun funnel Improved stabilization of radar-directed gun sight and gun accuracy TGP added to the 4th station CCIP bombing in AUTO mode always using high-drag configuration is fixed Corrected instances of only one bomb from a dual rack being released HUD and attack radar page Rmax values now match Corrected JDAM and JSOW menu freezes Pre-Planned mode skipping elevation has been fixed Fixed AGM-65F count down after rearm if walleye is used with an air start Fixed AGM-65F seeker continuing to slew after uncage Fixed SAI caging and OFF flag Fixed SAI cage knob clickability Note: New Targeting pod pointing modes are in work, but were not ready for this update Plenty got updated. Just not shit you care about.
  15. Have we learned if the briefing room will be "interactive"? For example, will there be a shared F10 style map all players in the briefing room can interact with together?
  16. All I imagine is an idiot getting into the wrong plane on deck and not getting out. Substitute "idiot" for "troll" whenever you like.
  17. If you haven't yet, I recommend downloading TacView. As a few others have said, the 15C does really well at high speed. The SU-27 and SU-33 do very well in relatively slow fights. Every plane is going to have its sweet spot. 18C, 33, 27 do well in relatively low-speed fights. 15C and 16 do well at higher speeds. I think this could be useful too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_fighter_maneuvers Also, I think the community considers this a pretty solid reference: Art of the Kill. Worth watching the whole thing
  18. A few things: I was hurt when CoreTex announced they were no longer working on a full fidelity F-18E. If the only thing we could do in an 18G was dump bigger, more effective chaff, I'd find someone and escort jam for any strike package I could join. It also moves us toward support aircraft, and I see no reason we shouldn't get something like the S-3 tanker with 2 player setup. Imagine the Joy's of joining a flight, giving everyone a couple thousand lbs of fuel, then rtb while they continue a super long leg for a deep strike, etc.
  19. A couple of weeks ago, I made this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=261750 Basically, I wanted to do some upgrades as I got back into DCS. I changed out my RAM, and got a new CPU. I have no use for the old items right now. What I have to offer are a Ryzen 2700X with the wraith cooler that came with the Ryzen 9 cpu, and a pair of 4gb Geil DDR4 RAM sticks that were at 3000 MHz when running. At some point, I bought a used MSFFB2 to try out the FFB and maybe thought I'd mod it into a warthog base or something. Never did. One of the buttons on the base sticks, but otherwise it's a decent stick. At this point, if I'm gonna do FFB, I want it to be a somewhat new base compatible with some TM grips. CPU: $75 RAM: $45 MSFFB2:$50 Would actually consider trading the whole kit for gametrix or MFG Crosswinds too?
  20. There's more than just this one.
  21. Irl in the USA, you tune in to the frequency of the airport, and click the PTT. You can cycle through high or low intensity. After a few minutes, (15 iirc), lights go off. It could be useful, but all of the airfields we have are manned 24/7 anyway.
  22. AHahah. I may have to explain this to my downstairs neighbors
  23. I just got mine set up a few hours ago. Was playing counter-strike, and will move to trying battlefield bad company 2. So far I love it. I'll edit this before I go to bed with my initial thoughts in DCS without the SSA software Update: Done with DCS for the night. I plugged this straight into my audio and passed the headphones through it. I must admit, at first I didn't feel much except when I was in f2 and behind the plane. Some volume adjustments made the difference. I have my xonar Xense sound card lying around somewhere. I think I'll hook it up and put my main stuff on it, and run the BK through the onboard from here. Then I could give SSA a try. Ultimately, I think a good plan for this is BK as is, with jetseat using the SSA for more discreet actions. Either way, I'm quite satisfied for now. The wife called it a "buttplug" though.
  24. It sounds similar to an issue I have when I'm not setting proper trim at takeoff and leaving flaps to auto. Perhaps consider having the FCS and ENG pages up on your DDIs to see if you've got some mismatched trim and throttle.
  25. As things are fleshed out, I think you'll be pleased with the final results. Also, launching a shit ton of HARMS at the Kuz while su33s are trying to take off will be worth its weight in GOLD.
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