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  1. I think I'd do your winwing set at $550 usd +shipping.
  2. xeonith, I have been considering selling my warthog HOTAS. Could even include the 18c stick. Will send you a pm in an hour or so, when i get home.
  3. Will we see WW force feedback stick ever?
  4. It's not just you. I believe a major roadblock here is the Hornet is simply missing weapons right now. Like the SLAM/ER. ED may have figured to leave the list blank until we have a full set of weapons
  5. solution is simple. 1st: the ATC menu should be further contextualized. a Hornet or SU33 can't land on the Burke, Perry, or Ticonderoga. 2nd: the panel could use f1-10, with 11 and 12 set for next and previous 10. 3rd:servers without easy comms should not display radio freqs we are not tuned to.
  6. it's that good? I'm actually glad to hear.
  7. Have you guys had a missed bombing run from lasing early? I've lased as soon as a bomb is released and haven't had a miss yet, at least in relatively normal weather. I'm also not doing an LGB lwer than 10K ft.
  8. I voted for the throttle. A lot of people have choices for the actual stick, but we simply don't have solid options for a throttle. That said, when I was looking into your products, the virus-related shutdowns had just happened. I'd honestly sell my TMWH and TM 18c stick and buy the full setup. Assuming it's even available at some point.
  9. Your best idea is to create a plane and its route. Spawn your plane near it and then follow it.
  10. Cant speak for the Phoenix but the 120c has it's own radar. Your ship radar guides it until a point where that radar turns on and it handles itself. If you somehow lose lock, it turns on early and guides to the last known point while searching for the first target it finds. The sparrow has no onboard radar. TWS is like looking at something out of the corner of your eye. You may notice, track it, but your focus and the full radar strength, isn't on it. St puts all the focus and power on the one spot. Like if you walked up to someone wearing camo, you may not notice in the corner of your eye but as you get closer while looking directly at them toy may begin to notice them a little more until you realize its actually a person.
  11. With the buttkicker, I can feel general output when I have it split from general output. I haven't felt much of anything in the 18c when it's on it's own sound card and using SSA. Am I missing something?
  12. I'm in if I get to fly the SBD Dauntless against Japanese groups.
  13. Question for people that always land: do you practice arrivals and departures to an airfield according to its information in the kneeboard? I never have but decided I would make the effort with the F18
  14. Spent a couple of hours practicing tonight. Managed to do it in single play with an s-3b and no wake turb. tomorrow I add the turb back in and practice some more. Was sawing the hell out of the throttle though.
  15. Server 162nd Viper training server 1. F/A-18C dcs.log-20200310-030013.zip
  16. I started practicing my AAR in the 18 this weekend. I never needed to do it in the 104th servers before because I was always in the SU-27/33, or f-15C. Now I'm trying to actually get competent. Unlike the other modules, I've been flying with no curves other than whatever was set by default. Have you applied any curves at all during your practice?
  17. The DCS community has the worst batch of beta testers I have ever shared a forum with and I love you all. Please, join the stable branch so we can get more servers on 2.5.5... please.
  18. Depends on my mood. After doing 6 or so cold starts, I now do maybe 1/5th cold starts on the training servers. otherwise, auto start. For testing in editor I'm usually going to start a few minutes away from the test, not on ground.
  19. I've been working on my private pilots license and it's amazing to see how similar the training can be between civil and military. I just felt like I was reading my instructor's notes for the day!
  20. Yep. Dont use comms on the CV. Takeoff anyway. Carrier comms are not functional right now.
  21. Here's what I've worked to do: Hook down when I am in the overhead before break. Break, gear down, full flaps. I pull back on the stick to get AoA and trim to hold it. Roll out on final. Point the VV on the "crotch" of the ship, and hold aoa and descent. I'll move stick left and right, but I'm using throttle to handle descent. A good practice that I dont know if other players are doing, is just get airborne. 1-5000 ft. Slow down and go full flaps and drop gear. And learn to work the trim to keep level and on AoA. Then play with the throttle and see how it changes things. Do a few turns, etc. Just practice this sort of flight. Go straight, turn, climb, descend. As a small aside, a couple of practice servers I frequent have the carrier at 10 its and seemingly no winds. Landing on a static carrier was how I learned with the su33, but 20+ kts carrier movement is definitely my sweet spot for ease.
  22. It is something ED has claimed to be working on. It's not something they have recently mentioned though.
  23. I havent experienced this issue. It sounds like you all are on the beta? Think its possible you were damaged either in the landing or during your flight? Then a repair?
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