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  1. Some time ago I was looking for a group or individual to fly with in MP. I found the flight-sim-fanatics. They are a pretty decent group and I do not regret my decision. I've enjoyed my time with them very muc and have had the chance to have amazing sessions. But I also remember being the new player looking at the MP lobby, and seeing a bunch of locked servers. I understand the reasons we all have to keep our sessions private, believe me, I really do. I think we as a community could certainly do with a handful more of the "pub" servers running, even if you only spare the public an hour of your flight time. I've been trying to balance between time flying privately with the FSF team and hosting my own open servers for others to randomly hop in and have fun. This brings me to the main thing I'd like to discuss. What missions do you, the forum-going crowd enjoy playing, and wish there were more of? Of course, I only own the A-10C, so a ka-50 mission would be a no-go on my part( I wanna play too), but I'd be happy to have the community's input on missions people would love to hop into and help out, get live practice in, etc. So far I myself have preferred hosting operation pilot search, but I'm sure there are other missions with the same if not more quality.
  2. I was doing an instant action mission while troubleshooting an issue I was having with my joystick. I approach waypoint 1, and in the process of doing my gun run on a truck, I run into it. It "Catches" me and I don't explode. Neither does the truck. It then explodes, leaving me stranded on the ground with my ai wingmate tellin me how much he wants to RTB. attached is the track. I also think I have a track of my plane diving into a river, skidding through it and the ground, before being angled at maybe 20-30 degrees up and sorta propelled off the ground with no damage. wtf.trk
  3. I just experienced this problem in dcs world. strangely, i have never experienced it in dcs a10-c (Steam). What I did was set my trigger, the pinky trigger, to "latched" in sst. FIXED. edit: while this worked in single play, it seemed to fail me in multiplayer edit2: went right back to failure actually. Still trying to troubleshoot this.
  4. I want almost everything on that site. :pilotfly: http://www.simw.com/cdu-i-panel.html:thumbup:
  5. Not sure if I'm right, but I think in image one, you're bomb is set to release in ccrp mode. You have your own flight line, as well as a target cue line that lines your flight up to do a basic fly-over. In image one, either you aren't line up with your target, or you aren't in ccrp mode. In ccip, I believe you have to make a dive at the target to get the reticule on it.
  6. I've been practicing at the game, but am getting a bit worn on listening to tutorial guy and doing training missions to be sure i got it down. Just wanna relax and do some leisurely flying sometimes, if anyone's hosting that kind of game. If not, I'd love to try to host a free flight, especially for other new/not so pro players.
  7. So I'm currently using joystick, throttle, and combat pedals, as well as cougar mfd's on my monitor via velcro. I also am expecting a small keyboard I intend to configure as a small UFC panel, and may end up assigning the remaining keys to something like one of the CMS panels. Since I really want to move on to a full cockpit at some point, I'm interested to get some thoughts on how the rest of you prioritized. Did you first make a panel of buttons and switches you would need the most and then dropped this into your cockpit? Or did you begin by building a cockpit shell and laying your buttons out as closely as possible?
  8. Mr. Burns, I have had DCS A-10C for a while now, but never could get into it. I always felt my stuff wasn't "sim" enough to really be fun. I recently finished up school, and during the summer, decided to come back to it, and really give dcs the try it deserves. Threads like this, where I can see people are able to enjoy the game with creative use of hardware, has inspired me so much. and MY GOD, THAT MINI KEYBOARD FOR UFC?!?!?! GENIUS. I seriously just had to post to say that Mr. Burns. Seeing that...just makes me think I can easily have fun with what desktop space I can use.
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