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  1. As the title says, I'm selling my HOTAS, the joystick extensions, and my MFD panels. The last I used any of this stuff was several months ago, immediately before I left my last group. All equipment was in working order. Warthog HOTAS: Currently sitting in box, protected with the styrofoam shell, but not in the plastic bags. Will come with the allen wrench. If it comes with a software cd, I can't locate it. 80mm extensions: Purchased from wasyl00 in this thread (I'm post 26): http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=121242 Cougar MFD units: Both worked as supposed to in Windows XP MCE and Windows 7. In 8/8.1, I followed the instructions here: http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2900614/en-us as suggested in this thread (I'm post 43):http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=115816&highlight=mfd+fix These units have continued to perform well with the above tweaks for win8.1, however, I can not find all of the various cutouts that can slide in the open spaces. With that said, I believe the thrustmaster website still has images available for download if you so choose. As above, if the set came with a disc, I can not find it now. Pricing: HOTAS: $370.00+ shipping MFDs sold as pair ONLY: $45.00+ shipping -I don't really frequent the forums anymore, so I ask that anyone with questions please PM me. I will receive those to my inbox and can respond from there. -I've done my best to accurately represent these items and believe my prices are fair. If you disagree, then please PM your offer. -I primarily hope to sell to USA residents. I feel it would be less hassle in terms of shipping cost and time. Along these lines, I am open to discount pricing if you'd like to purchase all items. -I believe I have covered my bases here, but if you find this ad lacking in information, please say so.
  2. Does 1.3.1 simply setup allowing trackir to work, but isn't truly enabled? Or, is 1.3.1 the actual implementation of it? I was unable to have my tacview file follow my trackir input.
  3. There's also the issue of which planes are modeled. You know how in car games, they list the year of the car? Like : '91 Toyota MR2? It could help to think of these planes as being based on a specific model year. Most of the planes in game are represented to their 70's/80's capabilities.
  4. not a horrible tactic, but pretty plain. maybe you could use the chance to change stuff up...
  5. Will it ever be possible to show every target a unit has locked in its radar? or even display a radar cone from its nose? With fighters able to launch and track on more than one target, it's an unfortunate situation that we can only see the primary target any unit is tracking. I actually assume this is more of a limitation with DCS than it is with TacView. Another feature of interest is perhaps bookmarking a specific timeframe, and inserting typed comments to go along with it. For example, I select a dogfight that involves one plane pulling a really stable high-g turn. I can type something like "notice the pull at x time", and when the viewer gets to this time it displays said message, or a list of messages could be presented like the flight log. Click on comments to view their respective snapshots. And when's online debriefing gonna launch!!!
  6. i've read where this is a confirmed bug, but nobody i have personally flown with has experienced it. Is the game stacking all of the weight to one side or something? that's gotta be nuts on takeoff/
  7. for the fuel, retry, and zoom into the fuel panel. see what's selected. you can cycle which fuel readings you get with left shift+D I think. It cycles from internal wings, external wing bags, center, and some other option or two.
  8. I'm not all about dat Hawk life, but I'd love to give it a go!
  9. In servers where exporting is turned off due to cheating concerns you need to go into your replay option from the DCS single player screen, and select the track file of that session. DCS track/replay files are created every time you fly, and even though tacview can't record your sessions live, it can record the replays of those sessions. Note: in the replay, you won't get all of the player names. Once you open that tacview, the names will be properly placed. You should also try to record it at a 1:1 speed. I've used time accel and had some...weird results.
  10. thanks guys. That was what I was looking for!
  11. Perhaps I need to delete my controller profile then. but as you should see in the attached, I have no option within the "sensors" panel. The "scan zone increase/decrease" is changing the width of RWS from the narrow 30 to wide/normal 60 degree. Thank you.
  12. In my options, - annd = only affect zoom. The numpad + and - are "thrust smoothly" up and down. I have it bound to my warthog's slider by the L/G warn, but its the only control I need during engagements that I need to move my hand from my throttle. No bueno.
  13. Is there a keybind to press on the keyboard or controller that changes the radar distance? Under the axis command list, it's MFD Range. I remember there used to be a pair of buttons for it. It is not the scan zone up/down. Not related: Is there a reason it's almost 50/50 on whether you can reload your plane without electrical power? Sometimes I turn power on, and I have no loadout still. Other times, I turn power on to see 2 or 3 of my 8 missiles loaded.
  14. Gonna post every morning? You are a madman. I also thought this was an F-18 release thread. I need sleep, join TAW. Good pilots, good trainers. 10/10 would join.
  15. I can agree with ChoSeungWan on this. Arma actually has the BEST VOIP/ and VOIP management I have seen in any game. Using 3rd party chat software totally breaks the order/chain-of-command, but the game itself as created by the devs is FANTASTIC. Direct/ambient chat for characters standing side by side or "near". Group/squad chat personal Vehicle chat to talk to everyone in your vehicle. Command chat (Squad leaders, commanders, etc all on one channel only they can hear) so actual leadership slots can work on higher level planning and cooperation within the field side chat, for your whole team and global for the entire server. Arma's got many problems. VOIP is NOT one of them.
  16. As already stated, the Sparrow is an older missile, so it works in missions that are trying for time period accuracy. In terms of performance and general characteristics though, I think its warhead is bigger, which means more damage. I've read positive opinions where DCS pilots will carry one or two specifically to fire into furballs. If they somehow lose a radar lock on the target plane, it can't lock onto a friendly contact. I can see the appeal in that sense, but personally take 120-Cs when available.
  17. All of them. Your HUD will display the pitbull timer for the last missile fired though. This assumes you keep the targets within the TWS gimbal limits.
  18. People are asking for VOIP and flight comms. I want to go one step further and say we need to be able to assign client units as something other than flight lead for AI wingmen. That, coupled with dedicated servers, more accurate, punctual AWACS and ATC communications would go a loong way toward making this experience more authentic, more enjoyable, and more stable. As for multi-crew concerns, a solid F-15E, AWACS function built into a multi-crewed awacs, or an F-14/SU-30/34, OOOOR ANY attack helo...would do quite nicely. Call me cynical, but a lot of multi-seats in the pipeline now are trainers, and it seems like they're being developed more as proof of concept than anything else.
  19. I've been working on an AI+human coop campaign. In the first mission, F-18C units are unable to refuel. Unit 1 seems to have a problem gathering fuel and/or recognizing itself as full. At the moment I am also limited to using 3 planes per naval flight due to...issues. Attached is a track of my main issue. Hornets unable to refuel. As long as the hornets have fuel they will wait while the debrief gathers countless unit refuel and refuel stop messages. Also attached are pictures to the somewhat unrelated, but also noted errors with carrier spawning. Total War Open Alternate F-18C.miz
  20. Let me give context here. I have a mission that makes use of a carrier group with a mix of cruisers and a carrier. I have been spending the past few days trying to get helicopters to stay on the cruiser helipads, both as units that are waiting to takeoff, and as units that will sit on deck permanently. I'm also trying to do the same with F18 and f14 units on the carrier catapult spawns. I'm also trying to bomb runways with planes on them. I've tried spawning them on runway around the time the bomber shows up, but it isn't authentic to me. For example, i want to bomb a runway with a transport taking off. I can justify it sitting on the runway for a while. Loading, emergency maintenance, etc. Popping in from a "bomb in zone" ruins the atmosphere, and trying to time a taxiing plane or start time is very spotty. Are there any suggestions for a better method?
  21. Keep the radar on and just scan. Keep the distance scale around 80 or 40. You will never get contacts beyond 80 miles. That guide was a pretty decent one, but it didn't say that the numbers on the left of the radar screen is the altitude range. For example, you are at 20k ft. Your radar is set to scan at 40 miles wwithin 40k and 0. The scan zone is a lot smaller than that at 10 miles, and if you could see the radar beam it is closer to a cone with the tip coming from the nose. In general, scan in one spot for 4 seconds then move the altitude range around to cover everything.
  22. I haven't really taken interest in this topic, except this past week, I was wondering about how an arctic region could play out. NATO forces from Alaska to intercept any airborne or surface threats. Or dealing with cconstantly icing runways and carrier decks.
  23. Apparently Catapult 4 on the US carrier is spawning planes behind the exhaust barrier of catapult2.the previous 3 units of the flight can take off normally. Unit 4 actually sinks through the carrier into the sea. Sometimes it destroys another unit. I've seen this happen over a 2 day period of mission editing. I first saw an F-14A doing it last night. Today, it is unit 4 of a 4-ship f-18C flight.
  24. I think what is happening can be attributed to the button applying full wheel brake. Are you flaring on landing and holding your nose up? another solution is to hold w in bursts.
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