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  1. I thought this was reported already but couldnt find it in the titles of all eight pages. The texture on the priming pump handle is upside down, please put it right side up.
  2. It would be nice if we could filter campaigns by module. Meaning if someone wants to see all campaigns for the f/a-18, when looking at campaigns in the eshop they can select the module from a drop-down list, then they only see the hornet campaigns available. likewise for other modules.
  3. This is still an issue in 2.7. Sigh.
  4. Agree, was struggling with this yesterday, couldnt get rockets off while in flight in MP, had to look up keyboard commands to get to work, have since assigned to throttle buttons for work around
  5. Anyone know if this issue is fixed in 2.7?
  6. I agree, using buttons for trim works well on P51D but moves too quickly on P47
  7. The P47 bombing training mission doesnt mention using the arming switches left of seat. Can it please be updated so bombs are armed?
  8. I am having trouble getting my whole flight to the altitude briefed. I have been climbing on route to the first way-point. If I fly with more than 80% on the percent gauge then they flight doesn't keep up. If I fly with 78-80% then the my flight(s) stay with me but we never can get up to the required altitude. Hurts me most on the missions over 30K feet. The enemy will continue to fly over us. On the last mission we circled around to 10K ft before heading to the first way-point but still didn't get close to the required. Am I supposed to circle over base until we get to the required altitude, or is there a better throttle/speed to get to altitude better?:helpsmilie:
  9. Home base is on Ch1, using easy communication on and things work but I notice it automatically changes to Ch1, if I was on Ch2, after I select a radio communication option in F10
  10. It starts on channel 1, if I am in Ch1 or G I can connect to crew chief. If I am on Ch1 then I can communicate with everyone and hear the custom sounds, If I am on Ch2 I can still hear custom sounds, and can contact the second flight using the f10 menu, but if I contact my immediate flight, not the f10 menu but the flight menu, then it doesn't work on ch2 and I have to switch to ch1. Turning easy comms on to figure it out it automatically switches me from Ch2 to Ch1 to communicate with my flight. So going forward I will just stay on Ch1 which goes against the briefing.
  11. So far I have completed missions 1-4 and the radio seems odd to me. To give commands to rooster, it works if I am on ch 1 or 2, but to give commands to my flight (my wingmen) I have to switch to ch1 to reach them. I thought they would be on ch 2 according to briefing. Reflected, what radio channels are the two flights on? Thanks
  12. I agree, I can see the outline/shading? of the glass as if the glass part of the canopy was there. So now I close the canopy a soon as I can and leave it closed.
  13. This happens to me 2 out of 8 times in single player. Today I was in mission 4 of the hunters of yalu campaign. We were all formed up, the last radio call was for to orbit waiting for the supporting flight. But maybe a minute or so later, just cruising internal cockpit view the internal sounds just stopped. So it wasn't caused by switching the views. After the sound stopped I switched to the F2 view, the external sounds were still working fine, but switching back to internal F1 view the internal sounds still were not working. I have seen this same thing happen in a recent grim reapers video of the f86. I am running the latest Stable version NOT open beta. dcsF86_soundsstopped.log.zip
  14. I think I figured out a fix at least, I don't understand it but I went into the Nvidia control panel, added dcs for program specific settings. Inside that I changed the prefered refresh rate option from "application-controlled" to "highest available". Now I at the same graphics settings, with gsync enabled I have a solid 130-160 fps instead of the locked 50 fps it was. I then changed that setting back to "application-controlled" and re-ran the same missions, it seems to be running fine after restarting the game. I had tried setting all the values as suggested in a post by either WAGS or BIGNEWY but what I had to do it appears was change it to a different setting, then run the game, and then change it back, then run the game again for it to take effect. I pray this holds now and I don't have anymore problems.
  15. Well I uninstalled OB and installed Stable, unfortunately that didn't change anything. So playing with it more, things are behaving in a way that I don't understand. If gsync is enabled, then when I look at the sky, like straight up my fps goes to 50, and then stays at 50 no matter where I look. And its a solid 50. If gsync is off, running a fixed refresh rate then looking straight up at the sky or to the sides/wings yields 144 fps, but looking straight ahead yields 72 fps. But with a fixed refresh rate the fps switches back and forth between 144 and 72, and they too are solid with no wavering between any other numbers. Its like a light switch flipping between 72 and 144. I have vsync off in both the game and nvidia control panel. My monitors refresh rate is set to 144 hz, I have checked both the nvidia control panel as well as the windows display settings. Edit: If I use refresh rate set to application setting the fps is erratically jumping all over the place between 144 and 50. Edit: the max frame rate in nvidia control panel shows off, as it's not set edit: I looked for those two files you list above. I can't find a autoexec.cfg, used the search function for a file of that name in both the game's main directory as well as in the user/saved games/dcs directory. I did find a graphics.lua, only in the games main directory, in which the maxfps is set to 180. I am hoping that someone can understand what is going on as I don't. Thanks in advance!
  16. I tried that, i tried changing my refresh rate to 120, 144, and 60, (its a 144hz monitor) it stays on 50 fps in game
  17. Alt + enter made no difference, I have also tried doing the repair several times. So as my last hope I have decided to uninstall the open beta and try a fresh install of stable.
  18. I didn't install Rivatuner, unless it comes with windows 10 home.
  19. Nope only in dcs. I did find a export.lua in the dcs root folder (C:\Games\DCS World OpenBeta\Scripts) its attached Should I just uninstall the beta and install the release version? Export.lua
  20. Looking in C:\Users\your_name\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta I don't see ascripts folder I did a crtl + f and searched for export.lua in my saved games folder, it doesn't find anything.
  21. I was trying out various combinations of full screen vs windowed and vsync on and off. Attached is a log with vsync off. dcs20200816_vsyncoff.zip
  22. The only "mod" i have is voice attack with the viacom plugin. I don't have a winwing hotas. Current log with vsync on is attached. dcs20200816.zip
  23. I upgraded from a intel 4790k to a intel i7-10700k, with that I also bought CL14 3200Mhz 32Gb RAM, and intalled with fresh windows 10 home OS on a samsung 970 evo 1Tb. Still running on MSI GTX 1080 Gaming 8 Gb. Running with track ir 5 on a 2560 x 1440 gsync monitor. Running latest Open Beta, freshly installed after installing. On my old computer I regularly got 110-120 fps on the instant action missions. On this new computer it seems my fps are locked at 50 fps. If I run on high preset i get 50 fps, if I run on low preset I get 50 fps, if I run on low and have the resolution set to 1920 x 1080 I still get 50 fps. All using the in game fps counter. In task manager the cpu is at 20 %, the gpu is at 30%. I have vsync unchecked in game, in the nvidia control panel I have vsync at its default of "use application setting". I have tried doing the dcs repair. For reference, performance in the other combat flight sim uses ~100% of gpu and has 130-200+ fps depending on if clouds are present. Please help! If you need files please let me know what files and where I can find them.
  24. Are you referring to the i5-10600k or the i7-10700K? Either way, i would be hard pressed to find those components (including video card) and stay within $800, I can see it if not buying a video card (I just bought these components for a i7-10700K system) and without video card it cost me $830, buying a decent 2070 super would bring it up to wards $1200. These numbers are from $USD, i know it varies in other countries but stil...
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