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  1. What I wish for is more ground units types and infantry types. Bridging tanks M88 recovery tank Towed atrillery M55 and crew M108 and crew D 30 and crew 81/82mm Mortar and crew 120mm mortar and crew Tanks berms Trenchs for infantry Infantry weapons Tow At 13 Tripod DShK for insurgents Satelite view for F10 map
  2. I just found this video and thought I would post here. I hope you likem http://www.apacheclips.com/media/2550/Ka-50-Black-Shark/
  3. Kiwi68


    I know that BS is mainly a anti-armour helo sim but haing infantry standing up in the middle of a field waiting to be chopped in half by a burst of 30mm sort of ruins the realism of this sim, trenchs are needed for them to hide and to attack from. :helpsmilie:
  4. Don't the Abrams engine like to burn if damaged ??
  5. I noticed that some of the Loepard 2 tanks have what appear to be movable panels on the sides of there turrets, anyone know what use these panel have :unsure:
  6. Is it even worth using the 30 cannon on Main Battle Tanks ??? As I have yet to damage to a tank in this game, even when attacking from behind and high up, I cant even scratch the paint :cry: Hell I would have thought that hitting the engine covers with the AP rounds would damage the engine and immoblise the tanks. :( :protest: :wallbash:
  7. What about fixing the 30 mm AP rounds, they are next to useless next to the HE rounds for attacking APCs and armoured vehicles. :cry:
  8. OK I'm a noob idiot :poster_oops:
  9. The UV-26 flare dispencer is only ejecking flares from the Left hand side is this a known fault, and is there a fix for it
  10. I running at max setting which are 1680X1050, textures high and cockpit setting at 1024. How are you able to have your setting at 1920X1200 ??:(
  11. Here's 4 pics of my cockpit with the texture resolution set to max, As you can see the writing next to the gauge's is still less than satisfatory :cry:
  12. I have the resolution set to high but I'm still not happy cockpit graphic's, hell you just have to look at how great the aircraft and vehicle skins look, then when your sitting in your cockpit it looks like something from the first build of Lock-on, very disappointed I am.:cry:
  13. Does anyone know if any one is working A Hi-rez cockpit mod for this game, as I'm very diappointed the one that came with the game, It does riun the realizim that the game is trying to create. :( :cry:
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