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  1. As a mission run on server and prevent client from external view. When we receive track file from server, how can we modify the track file to use external view when replay?
  2. Audio file trigger can be used any event that occur any time such as when unit dead, unit speed higher than ..., group damage or use flag to trigger a sound file and much more even set time to play sound after mission start by any minute you want.
  3. An aerobatic exercise mission with AI Lead around Kutaisi air field in summer. AI will activate in the air ahead of player when rolling pass the trigger zone on the runway. There are several voice over commands from AI for left turn, right turn, and smoke on and off to let you know what he will perform in the coming seconds. You can practice in team of four to six ships and in any position you want. Do not change the wind condition because it will affect the flying path of AI but aircraft skin, time of day and season can modify as your flavor. Have fun! Aerobatic Exercise Kutaisi.rar
  4. The fps show on the up left corner of the screen is rather hard for me to see. Is there any way to change the color of the character from default?
  5. Today version 3.1.1 was released on January 13th 2018. Here https://reshade.me/
  6. This is what I get with sweet fx reshade 2.0.3
  7. Sorry, this is not a bug but came from the effect of reshader. After disable reshader the mirror can display as usual.
  8. After install 2.5 OB the rear-view mirror can not display as usual.
  9. I've just set monitor to camera+LMFCD and cannot go back to 1 screen because the OK button is on the other screen. How to fix this?
  10. After the last update there's only BigBird Dedicated Server shows in the server list. How can I fix this?
  11. The aerobatic missions that Morpheus share were my work but they're too old. I've create many aerobatic mission to train flying aerobatic with AI but it can help only improve skill in fifteen, thirty, forty five and sixty degree turn. The other aerobatic task for AI can't be use as a training profile because AI perform too fast to follow in formation such as loop. Attached is the aerobatic exercise at Kutaisi around 30 minutes with AI lead in low pass left, right, loop and overhead brake that I input voice for lead command such as left turn, smoke on instead of message popup in the old version. But since the last DCS update makes some of the voice command seems to say earlier or behind the AI lead action that I didn't correct it yet. You and maybe your aerobatic team left wing, right wing or slot can fly in any position you want. AI lead will activate when you rolling pass the trigger zone on the runway. Have fun. Aerobatic Exercise Kutaisi.rar
  12. Due to all the smoke pylons work via the weapon system as we've to turn on the arm switch before we can activate them. The weapon system will operate only when plane speed reach 310 Km/h, so we can't turn on or turn off smoke if the plane speed is less than 310 Km/h. From flight manual page 184 "We can see the «STAND ALERT» signal, indicating that armament control system is ready. This signal is on when speed is higher than 310 Km/h."
  13. So lagging does not come from graphic setting in host and clients computer. Thanks.
  14. What does the lagging came from?
  15. What does computer that host a server effect to client's game play such as frame rate, graphic that show in client monitor. Does client's game play rely on their own setting?
  16. I play DCS World in Steam version for years now I bought a new computer and want to play in E-shop version. Do I've to deactivate module in steam before install module in E-shop version on new computer?
  17. Knowing that NTTR now available on Steam. If I purchase NTTR from Steam. Can I join server that run NTTR that purchase from E-shop and run on DCS Wrold that download from ED?
  18. I just want to place a pilot stand beside the plane in the parking slot as if he has just come down from the plane that I'll place ground crews and equipment around the plane too.
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