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  1. As a mission run on server and prevent client from external view. When we receive track file from server, how can we modify the track file to use external view when replay?
  2. Audio file trigger can be used any event that occur any time such as when unit dead, unit speed higher than ..., group damage or use flag to trigger a sound file and much more even set time to play sound after mission start by any minute you want.
  3. An aerobatic exercise mission with AI Lead around Kutaisi air field in summer. AI will activate in the air ahead of player when rolling pass the trigger zone on the runway. There are several voice over commands from AI for left turn, right turn, and smoke on and off to let you know what he will perform in the coming seconds. You can practice in team of four to six ships and in any position you want. Do not change the wind condition because it will affect the flying path of AI but aircraft skin, time of day and season can modify as your flavor. Have fun! Aerobatic Exercise Kutaisi.rar
  4. The fps show on the up left corner of the screen is rather hard for me to see. Is there any way to change the color of the character from default?
  5. Today version 3.1.1 was released on January 13th 2018. Here https://reshade.me/
  6. This is what I get with sweet fx reshade 2.0.3
  7. Sorry, this is not a bug but came from the effect of reshader. After disable reshader the mirror can display as usual.
  8. After install 2.5 OB the rear-view mirror can not display as usual.
  9. I've just set monitor to camera+LMFCD and cannot go back to 1 screen because the OK button is on the other screen. How to fix this?
  10. After the last update there's only BigBird Dedicated Server shows in the server list. How can I fix this?
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