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  1. No 2021 A6E for sure I guess not even 2022 BUT still very excited and now I do have to watch that movie again....
  2. I agree, online you have to get real close ( 30nm less) so you have a slight chance, out of 10 1-2 hits. Used to be a lot better
  3. Wow, you are really one of a kind BVR King, just to get on your level, a Scud is about 10-11m long and the Phoenix is about 4m. I just read the whole topic just to laugh at everything you say because you really do not want to understand what other people say Its really fascinating.. So as a neutral party I say this again: They say its worst, it IS bigger and heavier and all that IS true BUT----> wait for it! ------> that doesnt mean it should behave like someone who is missing his exit on the freeway and tries still to get there by doing some crazy manouvers!
  4. I bet next year's 2022 and beyond trailer will have the F4's silhouette at the end
  5. Badger1-1

    Mirage F1 hype

    So Im not wrong since Isaid exactly what you said
  6. Badger1-1

    Mirage F1 hype

    I was wondering if or how much the -M would differ from the Mirage2000c, its lighter and has a weaker engine but almost same T/W ratio (0.66 vs 0.7) But what about A/A and A/G? Can the F1 carry more A/A?
  7. Just do as Matt is doing...you have to change the table inflight so your missle can see the sam
  8. I´d imagine that ol Belsimtek would give what they had to the 3rd Party to start with maybe? Ifirc they stated that it will be an F4E
  9. Why would an AI plane need a textured cockpit? hint hint? :D
  10. I guess he was talking about my original video (which is totally off topic) The song I proposed has nothing to do with war, yet the refrain is kind of fitting
  11. Thats harsh :D But ok, guess Im the weird one again :D
  12. Hey Guys, Please make this the Hind‘s themen music This and a Walkman, and the low level flights are just perfect https://youtu.be/d-FB1_5pQNk Hope you like it :)
  13. Didnt they say it will be a bomber and not a fighter?
  14. H-8 or Su24 would be just awesome, also any type of transport, we are waiting a long time for something like this and it could be done relatively fast.
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