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  1. Yea I think I will try that, Also watching my tracks for pointers is helping. I can't believe I did not realize till this thread that LSO was voiced by Jell-o LOL
  2. I am struggling too, constantly get 3PTSIW, even though I am centering the ball all the way down, and on speed. Frustrating.
  3. - Confirmed, works perfectly, Well done! Was it just the bort1000 number you reckon?
  4. Can confirm, Today's patch broke this. The single nose digit cannot be removed, I've played with all the bort files in the .lua, it's almost like it is a decal.
  5. Two small mistakes on Taxiway Hotel when heading East the Signs for Charlie Taxiway are mistakenly labeled D Also On Taxiway Hotel when heading West the Signs for Charlie Taxiway arrow in the wrong direction.(these are the signs on the opposite side of the first listed error)
  6. Necro! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=209755
  7. Thanks for this! Having fun so far, I've not done the previous campaigns So it's all fresh to me. Irregardless I am happy to support content creators.
  8. Paintkit Released. See page 1 Thanks Heatblur! :)
  9. We have slots for the Huey, Hip, and gazelle to go along with those CLTD scripts, its good fun. -Cav 5-4
  10. Thanks for Info, The Devs responded to me on social media and confirmed it is a bug that will be fixed, so we good, just a waiting game :)
  11. Love the helms! Yes I see the file names included in the LUA all refer to the EX_Pilot_flight suit or Ex_Pilot_helm, ect. Meaning they are external view. Nothing mentions internal. I tried adding {"HB_F14_INT_RIO_HELMET", 0 ,"HB_F14_EXT_PILOT_HELMET_goose",false}; to no avail, need to keep guessing.... either they keeping the syntax for interior view close to chest, or it isn't added yet. Then theres the PILOT_HELM_NRm and PILOT_HELM_ROUGHMET , but I am pretty sure both of those are relating to surface textures. Oddly goose's helm shows in his mirror in 1st person, just not when you look back at him from front seat. its also a shame that it pulls the same file for each guys flightsuit, I was really hoping to have them each with a custom breast patch
  12. Still need to fix a few small things, and an arm patch, but for now can use this, Currently I can find no way to pull separate textures for the inside the cockpit view, So in 1st person both guys are wearing the Maverick helmet. The exterior view displays properly. I will update the file when A way to separate the inside views is found. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jAoVUoSo7b8WQ9bciqjFAZ5Z4E5MFFnw
  13. It was just a matter of time before I had to crank this one out...
  14. Thanks for Update Cobra! A - MAZE - ING module :) Chaser - Looking good! My fist one On PK release will be an Iran Desert Cam
  15. Thanks for Update Cobra! A - MAZE - ING module :) Chaser - Looking good!
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