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  1. Still no access to the backer's forum here, please help
  2. Please post a track illustrating the problem. I will not be able to help you, but if you found a bug, posting a track is the only way for developers to identify and fix the bug quickly!
  3. First of all, this is using DCS World 1.2 and corresponding A-10C addon. I was experimenting with engine start the other day, when I found this... my questions are: is it normal, if yes could you please explain such behavior, if not is it a known bug already? I followed my usual engine start procedure. After starting both engines, I stood on the brakes, increase throttle to 100% L&R engine power, and cut electrical power (see track for details). Basically at this point, APU is off, APU gen is off, L&R gen are off, inverter is off, battery is off and both engines happily run at full power. Tried to pull L&R engine T-handles hoping it would cut fuel to both engines, but no... both engines still run quite happily at full power. Why is this? It is only when I switch battery power back to on than both engine "die". Is this correct? I remember seeing fuel system schematics on these forums. T-handles should cut fuel, but is fuel cut by an electrical mean or through manually pulling the T-handle? btw, I cannot find a way to restart my engines after this, are they broken, can you restart them, what am I doing wrong? track attached... a10_strange_engines.trk
  4. Sure, see my 2 postS here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=91242 Basically, when following the normal startup procedure, the engine starter switch stays on (which is a bug I think). So once your engine runs, be sure to check that engine starter switch is back to normal position, and your radio should be fine...
  5. Thank you Fred, you made point 2 very clear. The other points are more of a GUI problem than anything else. Cheers
  6. Ha, that one was tricky... The engine starter switch was not released. When releasing it, radio works, engine does not run with ignition switch set to off and temp gauges work fine! Maybe this is a small bug about the engine starter switch, what I do to trigger this (what I learned in the startup training): - ... - press and hold engine starter switch with left mouse button - when engine starts right click on engine mixture handle (while still holding left mouse button) - release left mouse button (engine starter switch stays on, this might be the bug)
  7. Hi, I've noticed a few strange behaviors illustrated by the attached track. I've got a fresh install of DCS world 1.2.0 + corresponding P51D module. 1. Radio works before starting the engine, but not afterwards... why did it die? 2. Manifold pressure is higher before engine start than when engine is running idle, is it normal? 3. Engine can be started, and runs with ignition switch set to off. Is it normal, if yes I would be interested in some (links to) explanations (glider pilot here, knowledge about engines is... stuff for the aero-tow pilot) 4. Temp, Coolant Temp and Carb. Temp gauges show nothing interesting until RPM gauge reaches 25, then they stop being meaningful when RPM gauge goes back below 22. (I'm playing with this at the end of the track) Bugs or normal behaviors? p51-strange_things.trk
  8. For me (DCS world under win 7) it is in C:\Users\__my_username__\Saved Games\DCS I think I do not understand your question, but one thing for sure: you can't migrate your settings from 1.1.1.x to 1.2... you have to reconfigure from scratch after installing 1.2.0. If you reinstall from scratch, you might want to avoid wasting one activation... please read about "deactivation" here: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/faq/activate/ So first deactivate, then format / reinstall from scratch... [url=http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/faq/activate/][/url]
  9. It often happens that when an ftp server is overloaded, it denies anonymous access... said ftp server then seems to be password protected, but in fact, is overloaded... Try http if available or torrents!
  10. Because ED - as many software development companies - sets some deadlines for releases and - as few software development companies - ED is also committed to certain quality standards of their own. As Wags wrote a few days ago, there are still some important bugs to resolve so they won't release before these get fixed. This is the way I, as a client, prefer. Your mileage may vary, but I for sure do not want a software released on time that crashes on known bugs every time I try to use it!
  11. I'm looking forward to hear about these as I think the guys attending will not need to sign NDAs!
  12. 0xBlb

    G940 help

    Nice! Be aware that this profile maps joystick+throttle buttons to key combinations. The consequence is that sometimes, if you press two ore more buttons at the same time, a different command is triggered with weird results. The most annoying I had was throttle stuck at maximum power. In game throttle was reacting to throttle movement, but as soon as I stopped moving the throttle, the in game throttle got back to maximum... very annoying for landing and ground ops! What I ended up doing is: - no profile set in logitech profiler - directly map joystick+throttle buttons to commands in DCS: A-10c that way, you loose the ability to use the mode selector (on the throttle) but no more throttle to maximum & similar problems...
  13. :doh: Oh well... this is maybe the kind of situation that made me develop my huge sense of self-mockery...
  14. I already reported a similar bug, and I included the track... see http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=88460
  15. What about the Hawk? ... It seems your wish is already planned, see: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=89717 http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=89720
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