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  1. Hi Sprool. Some info that might be helpful but not directly on target. That Rotary selector is controllable from LUA in DCS export environment. Sending a GetDevice(2):performClickableAction(3302, n), where "n" is a decimal value in range {0, 0.1, 0.2, 0,3.. .. 0.9, 1} (11 steps) will set that selector to a fixed position. Using either a Rotary or Encoder "switch" and a add-on software as DCS:BIOS, Oakes script, Helios etc can send controls to DCS, but for the alternative keybindings I'm kinda (really) lost. I'm using Oakes scripts for this due to demands but DCS:BIOS woul
  2. Thanks The glory of that goes to SAAB and the mechanic genius constructor of it. (Freq settings of the actual real thing on the "5-9" knobs setting is actual an individual 16 bit Ochtagol magnectic encoding of each 'embedded shaft'.. (will not be reused) and the backlight internal cabling (not seen in the Pics) is only reachable by removing all mechanics and I sincerely trying to avoid that. Like opening a pandoras box For the Base and Group commands as far I remember the result of performClickableAction, with an Argument value of "1" or "-1" steps these up/down one at t
  3. Hi Outbaxx You ahead of me here, I've had same issues on a few of the listed above on early testing but most not touched yet. My environment is Oakes scripts and not DCS:BIOS, even if I use the LUA console for verification of LUA code I'm currently on World O.B. and the device ID or Argument may differ between versions (haven't verified current std World release yet) but I do found (read) that DCS:BIOS Branch code addresses FR22 as DeviceID 34 (within ajs37.lua latest) instead of 31 as in my version of O.B clickabledata.lua. Can't say if that point to the couse in
  4. BlackLibrary, thank you. Lost myself within your linked documentation for a while (or rather a day or two and still just scratched the surface ..), just the comprehensive ajs37.lua is a real timesaver for our ongoing work. Small donation inbound Cheers Gus
  5. A beautiful approach by Blue73, thanks for pointing it out, missed that until now, could really be handy in other projects but not directly applicable in this case due to use of SIOC/IOCards. DCS:BIOS is not ruled out yet, will likely be cases I can't solve through Oakes scripts and LUA so option is valid. The method is somewhat like a french (speaking) guy made for IOCards to trigger a resync of active state of inputs to update SIOC from input states to sync to connected SIMs. I'll hook it here just in case some other SIOC nerd find it a future search, in French though; -). In sho
  6. Thanks outbaxx I'll check it out (only fast scan through it yet) Cheers Gus
  7. Nopp, no joy yet .. and my LUA skill is far from top notch. (Tested just in case with suggested but failed) Testing ongoing. Digged into the metateble of the device 31 (in this case) and the function "get_argument_data" isn't listed there so I guess there no option to get it status that way. 3307 on devID 31 AJS37 is FR22's Group Selector knob, and the definitions of type, function, and coding differs for that same differs between HB, DCS BIOS HUB and the DCS-BIOS branch code for AJS37. Reused some code from above did mange to get the CK37 NAV and Destinatio
  8. Hi I'll try avoid to doublepost entries in several threads so just a link below for background info: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/264334-dcs-bios-lua-console-read-cockpit-deviceidargument-values-for-dcsajs37/?tab=comments#comment-4594773 - Is there a way/method/syntax to find out the LUA Argument value of some switches on panels outside the mainpanel? Going through same method I used in the A-10 Module that worked ok gives me 'NIL' in response here in the AJS37. I can set a value through LUA but fail to extract same or any other besides those on
  9. Hi Any help or idea appreciated. Should I be able to extract cockpit data via the DCS:BIOS Console using the syntax above? Do anyone here that have both DCS:AJS37 module and DCS:BIOS help out making that simple test described above, it would help greatly to easy troubleshoot this. (I do see applicable cockpit data active in DCS:BIOS Control reference so the connection is alive and question is in the LUA Console to query device/arguments) Right now I can't say for sure if it's my current config that fails, the LUA (HUB Version) Console that have issues with me,
  10. I'm searching for a working method to read the status of a switch on a device other then Mainpanel/(0). Not sure if this 'should' work or my attempt fails to using lack of understanding LUA/DCS? I set a switch via LUA console with no issues: GetDevice(31):performClickableAction(3307, 1) But when trying to read the same argument value by issuing: returnValue = GetDevice(31):get_argument_value(3307) return returnvalue The response is: Response:runtime error 1 | [string "Lua Console Snippet"]:2: attempt to call mathod 'get_argument_value' (a nil va
  11. Hi Werner DCS Viper is uncharted territory for me and it's been a long time since I made any real work in DCS/SIOC so treat the following as a hunch (having an extrem early morning and fail to go back to sleep, ignore this if it's misses the target or if it's old news ;-) ) The string is SiocConfig "[357] = {TwoPositionSwitch, 7, 3, 1},-- PARK BRAKE" points to the TwoPositionSwitch function (search for it inside ExportSupport.lua). I read the gear_commands as device id=7? and the ParkingSW as Arg3 and AntiSkid as Arg 4=, but can I be wrong. The SiocConfig string adresses the Arg3 with
  12. Hi Trip. Same quiz here. Been looking for a AR option to show the inside of a pit while render the Sim view outside of the pit (or rather an option to to pass through a secondary videosource into flightsim view. MS Flashlight is the closest answer that I found so far https://www.google.se/amp/s/uploadvr.com/microsoft-mixed-reality-flashlight/amp/ Image quality and if a 3D view is possible is still unknown. A stationary cam/cams with Flashlight might be a way forward but somehow the area shown must be tweaked. ZED cam and AR application looks promising but the environment is way above my ski
  13. Hi Adde. If not found already, check out https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3909516&postcount=64 Within the linked download .zip and AJS37.lua, i made a quick browse and at least found the line.. "defineFloat("DISTANCE_INDICATOR", 142, {0, 1}, "Raw Gauge Values", "Distance Indicator")" Can't say about the datapan display values but possible located within there Edited value output through Arduino connected 7seg/TFT (directly or through I2C) is possible. Might be a way forward /Gus edit: Above related to DSC-BIOS import/export, ping back if I misunderstood the quiz and it's
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