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  1. Also: - Closing the cover over the anti-skid switch, when it's turned to OFF, visually flicks the switch to ON, but according to the warning light it doesn't affect its function.
  2. Can anyone confirm? Allowed in mission options and I've tried several units and factions. EDIT: DISREGARD. Had recently reinstalled TrackIR and the new profile was interfering with F7.
  3. Has anybody been able to get 2.0.1?
  4. Any ETA on the mirror getting fixed?
  5. This thread was very good but has devolved into "feelings" about how draggy that nosecone is. If we wanna convince ED that there's something wrong enough to change, we need to do better. Could someone good at 3D modelling make a model of the front from pictures, perhaps? Then we might be able to calculate the drag. EDIT: I had an unrefreshed version of the thread, there have been some helpful posts since :)
  6. Very reasonable approach. That's certainly not worse than being able to use padlocking, labels etc etc via keyboard shortcuts.
  7. I've criticized Belsimtek's beta policy many times, but the Mi-8 wasn't as incomplete as this is. And the Hawk and Aviojet both suffered from a programmer leaving/getting fired (the same one?). Those are not exactly flattering examples.
  8. It's remarkable that this is your first DCS module. After 20 mins in the air (and about 10 in external view on the ground, drooling) I absolutely love it.
  9. 180-190 kts is far too fast, as we concluded in some thread somewhere. I also noticed that the nose stayed high even when completely hands-off. Bug or aerodynamic feature/FBW? I don't know!
  10. Corrigan

    First landing

    I set it down on the main gear and left the nose high for aero braking, and even let go of the stick. She just held her attitude. I even went into external view, completely hands off. So well-behaved! Feels incredibly sharp in AA mode in the air, christ what a machine.
  11. It's one of the most beautiful modules in DCS. I'm floored by the quality of the model and cockpit, holy crap. Fantastic. Just such a pity that the mirrors are inop right now, would have completed the picture.
  12. Can't get mine to work! Is this known? PS. It looks great. The external model is phenomenal.
  13. Formula Dassault, more like. :)
  14. So if you're not pulling g's, the controls (mapping of stick to control surfaces) are identical, right? The only difference is that the FBW disallows/changes some control inputs in high-performance manoeuvres, to differing extents in the two modes?
  15. RAZBAM are making a move on the throne of community interaction, where LNS currently sit. Is there room for two? Who will sit in whose lap otherwise? Stay tuned to find out.
  16. That's what we have beta for. :)
  17. Don't worry, it takes a lot more than that to offend me. I was just pretty amazed at your picture. 10/10. If you ever make DCS: Sackringspinne i will pre-purchase.
  18. Regarding Armat: no thanks. I'd love to fly SEAD in a full-fidelity 4th gen aircraft, but the 2000C is not that aircraft. :) Did I read somewhere that the FBW system/autopilot will compensate for asymmetric load? If so, is this done completely automatically?
  19. The latter part is known. There's a weird thing going on when flying under the Hoover dam bridge, which I predict you did.
  20. You sure that's not a grapefruit?
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