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  1. Have you checked your axes? Do ctrl+enter to see if you're commanding a dive.
  2. As a child of the Swedish countryside, I'm picturing them as these things Art is by the amazing Simon Stålenhag.
  3. Nice work! The thing accelerates like craaazy. Zone 3 doesn't mess around. Oh, and I'm sure LNS know about this, but there seems to be a LOD bug with the afterburner :)
  4. I have also experienced that, in single player.
  5. My opinon: adding things that are plausible but unused is fine, I guess, but the default should be off. If you want to fly some strike missions in some made-up but plausible scenario, with made-up but plausible loadouts, it would also probably be realistic to mount a D2M. For me it's clear that doing that should require the active choice, and that not doing anything regarding D2Ms should result in a Mirage M-2000C configured, in that respect, in the way in which all of them have been configured historically. Oh, and Rlaxoxo, these are your latest "contributions" to this thread. The above clutter is far less constructive than what you're complaining about.
  6. Yep, seems to be correct. I tested that as soon as I found myself with a drop tank again, and you writing this confirms my suspicion. I mean, for all I know, this might be a bug/bad design in the actual system which the sim imitates. But yeah, whether this is a (fairly minor!) bug in the sim or bad system design it's obviously pretty shitty that it looks like I have nothing selected but the aircraft "remembers" the jettisoned/expended previous selection.
  7. Yeah, there's still something weird going on. Attaching a screenshot that hopefully shows how my radar is configured right now, and I cannot lock the contact in front of me or change to CCM modes. Ideas? Toggling selection of one of a missile solved the issue --- I wonder if this might be related to selective jettison of a fuel tank, which I did just before. Is locking and CCM possible with a fuel tank selected, can anyone check?
  8. I'm having the problem I described earlier right now. I can't lock contacts (13 miles out, 0.5 closing speed in this example, so clearly I should be able to) NOR can I switch to the close combat modes. The switch I have bound just doesn't do anything (and I know the switch is working, have tested). To be completely clear, is there any good reason I shouldn't be able to enter the CCM modes (and, this is Special Modes in the controls list right?) EDIT: Aaah, found my problem. I had rockets selected! Then, even if the safety is on, the radar can't lock and can't enter CCM modes. I wonder if this applies to all AG weapons, and if there are some other people above who have been having the same thing as me.
  9. I have seen this twice in 4 missions. Unable to lock on anything (close range contacts with high closing speed). Once I was even unable to enter the close combat modes. Cycled every radar switch with no effect. After like 10 mins, suddenly it worked again. Is there any actual radar function that should make me unable to lock on anything and enter the CCM modes? If not, this is a pretty serious bug.
  10. Yep, that did the trick. Thought I was checking that they were on but misremembered the dials. Thanks for the fast response!
  11. I wanted to give the Mirage campaign a try, but upon starting the first mission, I can't hear my flight lead who I presume is talking to me. The documentation says to turn the battery on so that the radios work, and I'm obviously doing this? I've tried all the channels mentioned (1--4) on the green radio and still can't hear my lead. What freq should I be set to? Thanks
  12. Great work. Hope to check it out later.
  13. I've seen this too. Please fix.
  14. There is no difference, and installing FC3 will install all those planes.
  15. Aren't you talking about different things? Missile g limit vs. how hard the aircraft can manoeuvre when firing.
  16. Thanks buddy, I was gonna look into a fix like that after I heard what the official plans are.
  17. This is what I used to have, and I think it's great. I want the most realistic cockpit layout and at the same time not to be completely helpless when I forget a switch. Is there any way for me to have this now, or are the changes permanent?
  18. Thanks for the reply. In that case, yeah, I'd say the transition should be smoother; that was the primary reason I assumed it was a bug. Keep it up, she's improving at a great pace!
  19. I set down on the main gear, idle the throttle and deploy speed brakes, and continue aero-braking on my back wheels. To make sure the throttle is idle, I push it forward slightly and then back again; you can hear this change in engine note at 0:22 . Then I apply the brakes and let the aircraft tip onto the nosewheel. As soon as I do this, the engine aperture relaxes and the engine note changes. Note that the throttle remained at idle during all this. This is a bug, right? It's reproducible. I have verified my axis settings, nothing is interfering with my throttle. I am using the toe brakes on my pedals to wheel brake.
  20. What exactly is the issue? Because my nosewheel does centre if I turn NWS off while applying rudder.
  21. Not the worst bug in the world, and I'm not sure if it's a quirk in DCS or whatever, but I might as well report it anyway.
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