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  1. No, PLAN is correct. (= "level flight" which is what you're doing). The QFE should be 1052 or so, and master mode should be NAV. Upon unsafing the trigger the CCIP symbology should appear. If you can't see it when diving and going fast, there's something else wrong.
  2. I can't check right now, but I'm pretty sure the pitch ladder bars should disappear when using CCIP. EDIT: yes, of course, the mission is bugged. See above.
  3. "Guys, what if, instead of ejecting the pilot out of the plane, we jettison the entire plane radially away from the pilot"
  4. Your position in the cockpit also makes a difference obviously. Assuming you use TIR, stretch a bit.
  5. That's not a million miles off, yeah. The å is long though.
  6. Probably, but the idea isn't to steer at the target (as most people on youtube do). You pop up towards the target, fire, then steer slightly away from the target and proceed to guide the missile. The manual has diagrams.
  7. F = Från, which means off.
  8. I have to ask, you don't have the AFK engaged do you?
  9. Rudder is a known and internally fixed bug (or several actually).
  10. I have trim bound to the WH hat as well and it's not slow for me. Are there several options perhaps? A slow and a fast.
  11. I think this is an engine issue. I have increased load times and microstutters too, as per https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=181515
  12. The quality of this aircraft really is outstanding. DCS Viggen was so hyped, especially for us Swedes who grew up on this aircraft, and STILL it's just amazing! Best DCS module so far.
  13. They're not actually functional (just reflecting the skybox). I trust they'll be togglable when implemented. :)
  14. Yep, and I think I saw them turning forwards when the plane is reversing.
  15. Just wanted to pop in and say I have also had very long load times and new micro-freezes when looking around or zooming in 1.5.6.
  16. Weird. I would make sure that your axes are set up properly. Check that you're not making any inputs with ctrl+enter.
  17. I used to do theoretical physics, and now I'm an experimentalist, and that's pretty much a journey in learning to care about factors of 2 :D
  18. I would assume shadow bug, yes.
  19. This is minor, of course, but I'm working my way through the SFI and apparently the canopy lever needs to be held in the forward position to close the canopy; if it is released, it springs back to the central position and the canopy stops moving, regardless of being completely closed or not. Although, the lever is "sticky" in the backwards, opening position. I.e., when moved back, it does not need to be held there. However, moving it forward to the middle position will freeze the opening movement, similar to the above. Thanks for an amazing module!
  20. The fix Ragnar mentioned above should make the nosewheel half as sensitive (presumably linearly across the range) so that should make a pretty big difference I'd imagine.
  21. I can do some testing too. Is this in any particular mission?
  22. Both this and angling them away from the player are better solutions than just freezing the last mirror image when they're deactivated like we see in several modules. Please don't do that :)
  23. I'm not that familiar with the Viggen yet, but generally with altitude hold: is your altimeter functioning? Is this over flat ground? You should probably post a track.
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