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  1. I don't understand -- I'm pretty sure 1.2.3 uses the small sun; at least, a vastly smaller sun than earlier.
  2. Something tells me the AI isn't really a illum rocket kinda guy. :P
  3. I can get you rough measurements at, say, mm precision, if that's of any use. If you need diameter or thread measurements I'm afraid I can't help you.
  4. Hi David! Good to hear things are still running. Can't wait for picture updates!
  5. I see. Let's go Beczl! :joystick:
  6. Roger that, as suspected. Knowing probably less than you do about the engine, I'd guess it isn't fixable. Nice to know I'm not going crazy, at least.
  7. Cool video! But it doesn't sound the same, does it? Maybe I'm not making myself clear? Or perhaps I'm being stupid. I know we should hear the booster, but why is it so loud? And why does it stop so suddenly? This is what it looks like in graph form: But hey, if I'm the only one hearing something strange, I guess it doesn't matter.
  8. I don't mean to be rude, but to get a new sound card is most probably very bad advice. This is clearly a game issue, whatever it is. And I know it's the rocket engine making the sound, my issue is with how quickly it dies off, and how loud it is. You can hear the booster after the loud sound too, so there's something fishy. Or am I missing something?
  9. Whoa, are those rain drops on the water stock DCS? Or have you done that yourself?
  10. Sometimes (it seems consistently only when supersonic) there's a weird sound when firing missiles. Like this: It is, I suppose, a sonic boom: Both the observer in the jet and the missile are supersonic and travelling alongside each other at some finite separation, and the observer is overtaken by the missile. So that explains the abruptness of the start of the sound, I think. However, it seems to die off as abruptly, which I think is unphysical. Also, it seems far too loud. You can see me looking around in the video to see if it depends on head position, which is doesn't seem to. Any ideas?
  11. Are you sure? The consensus seems to be that ECM has no effect at all. See, for example, the last half of this thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=102583
  12. So, fog in World has some issues. It is too translucent to some stuff: The shadows of buildings Overhead power lines Others that have escaped my attention? Is this fixable? I know Mustang tuned the shadow distance once to try to remedy that problem but it's not really a fix.
  13. In the attached mission I've placed two respective enemy vehicles face to face. When the fog visibility is set to less than 1 km, they won't engage each other; above 1 km and they will. So the visibility parameter clearly isn't translated to actual visibility for AI units? New Mission.miz
  14. I like Semi: it chooses an appropriate program based on whatever's painting you and lets you dispense as you please.
  15. While you LoD gentlemen are here, the Tu-95MS needs some help. I was intercepting one, saw it at a distance, only to have it disappear before my eyes as I zoomed in. :lol: I think the skin goes from black to white abruptly.
  16. Should the engine RPM even change? I mean, AB is just injecting fuel after the turbine stage of the engine, right?
  17. I'm speaking now both of the in-game aircraft and the real one. Then how come the nozzle changes shape depending on power setting while in AB? And what is it that doesn't increase, a power gauge in the cockpit? Thanks
  18. Oh, so there are no degrees of power in burner, only full-on? Once you go burner that's 100% of the available power?
  19. If you rename or temporarily move the DCS folder in user/saved games, the game will create a new one upon startup. This is where the saved control mappings are stored, so everything should reset.
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