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  1. That magnetic course knob should already be set correctly by default, you shouldn't have to worry about that. Which runway is this? Maybe it's a local bug and you should try another field?
  2. Sure, but what is it damping? My impression is that it damps commanded inputs (sensed by reading stick input electronically), not just any movement of the aircraft.
  3. The TILS will steer you three degrees off, by design (from memory, it might be some other small angle). And I think you need to make sure that SI SLAV is set to FRÅN to get the steering bars on the ADI, could that be the problem?
  4. Which function of SPAK do you argue does this, then? It does not, in my understanding, attempt to keep the aircraft trimmed (below Mach 0.92 or something like that).
  5. The thing is, it looks like there's an elevation in terrain right before they explode. Maybe it's just trying to sea skim and flies into the ground. The warhead arms 250 meters away from the target, and will detonate upon impact, so they would explode in that scenario.
  6. Right, but note that in the video he's setting Bx8 on the target, not Bx9.
  7. Sure, but that weapon is pretty far from what we have.
  8. Don't think that's how it's intended to work. Then again, I don't know the missile logic for not finding a group while Bx9 (self destruct point) is not defined.
  9. The circle on the CI is the current position of the (target) waypoint. Slew the crosshair to where you want it, fix, and the circle will move to this new location.
  10. 10 m is outside the launch envelope for the Rb-04 though.
  11. Ragnar is a warrior. For those that didn't know, Viggen has been in development since way before LNS was a company.
  12. Sure, but since DCS (probably?) can't do that, we need some reasonable average number. Going from memory here, but the modern Mavs on the A-10 are lockable at like 10 nm. I also checked the SFI, but there's no range mentioned in the sections describing Rb-75 employment. Isn't that a bit strange? I mean, this must have been communicated to the pilots somehow.
  13. You're misreading that. It says earliest, not latest. That's because the electronics are not cooled properly in ground idle. If you want to switch to NAV more than 2 minutes before take-off, you need to place the throttle in flight idle, per the AJS SFI Del 2 Kap 2 sida 16.
  14. In any case, I don't think that's what's going on. (And my ground control authority has nothing like infinite gain). There's this weird pulsating of the engine while at Ground Idle of a few % RPM. My elevons are moving up and down in time with that.
  15. I've never seen this clipping you speak of? The HUD is far from modern, obviously, but I have had no problem viewing the areas of it that should be viewable. No, and that's more of a straw man than an example. :) But if someone says "I use a keyboard and I'm having real trouble flying and slewing the radar cursor at the same time" I'll probably reply that they should get a HOTAS to enjoy the sim as much as possible.
  16. Nope, I'm not sure. I'm basing that statement on the fact that setting external lighting is not one of the items on the startup checklist which is delayed until after engine start when doing a start without BRAGG (because they need AC power). Maybe the idea is that you set the switches to the desired settings even though they are not powered, and they then come on when the generator kicks in? I guess it's a bug, then!
  17. Yes, they can run on battery power so this behaviour is correct :)
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