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  1. Just out of curiosity, does the real aircraft have rudder trim?
  2. Easiest thing is just to drag and drop the file onto the desktop, edit it there, and then put it back in.
  3. And did it help? If not maybe you can try reverting back to windows XP too...
  4. It's possible he posted that as a new thread and a mod just appended it here.
  5. That's the biggest toaster I've ever seen.
  6. But you're using the standard terrain textures, right?
  7. Yes, they are bugged so the real sounds aren't playing.
  8. I meant that I had already read the newsletter, and thought this thread was referring to a (eagerly awaited) patch. Patch plus newsletter is better than newsletter. Calm yourselves.
  9. Well done! Music wasn't quite my cup of tea, but it fits well.
  10. Thanks for getting me excited about an "update" only to discover that you mean newsletter. :C
  11. Who added that music and where do they live?
  12. Wow, very pretty. Did you edit the contrast or is that how your game looks?
  13. If you happen to speak Swedish you're more than welcome to drop by our forum/teamspeak; at least some of us will be airborne on any given evening. http://www.masterarms.se
  14. Do you have the random system failures option on?
  15. Corrigan

    Developer Diary

    I'm sure you guys will figure it out. Can't wait to fly a British aircraft in DCS!
  16. No, we'll be lucky to get it this year.
  17. When that is the case, which it often is, you obviously cite the reference given, not wikipedia itself (which is what OP did).
  18. Good post! I'd love to hear a response regarding the correctness of the behaviour in that video.
  19. You can't "travel at 50 kts/h". You can, however, be subject to an acceleration of 50 kts/h. ;)
  20. To be pedantic, it does make sense, just not as a speed.
  21. I once posted a track, as part of a bug report, of a Tunguska missing missile upon missile fired at a nearby, slow-moving helicopter. A dev replied and said that the missiles all hit on his internal build, in the same track. Sure enough, I tried it a few weeks ago, same track again, and now all the missiles hit.
  22. Another thing to consider is game version. If a patch has been applied, things can change.
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