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  1. The names are wildly misleading. The formation lights are not actually for flying formation, they're for "showing the flag" by lighting up the tailfin and showing the orientation of the aircraft. The "guide lights" for lack of a better term are what you actually use for radio silent formation flying in blackout conditions; they are low (adjustable) intensity, can only be seen from a regular trailing wingtip position, and the light hidden under the airbrakes informs the trailing aircraft that the lead is adjusting his speed without the need for the radio.


    They were inherited from the Lansen, where blackout formation flying seems to have been extremely ****ing scary. The A 32A had no HUD, not every aircraft had a radar, and when flying formation usually only two out of four aircraft had a navigation officer in the back seat (where the radar display was). The artificial horizon instrument was also fairly primitive. With all this in mind, when you were number four in the flight, you went off all alone into an inky blackness where you didn't know up from down and left from right, trying to form up on and follow a tiny little light that you simply didn't dare lose sight of for even a fraction of a second. If it was a starry night, it might not be all that black but then the formation light could be confused with a star.


    Great post, thanks for this. As most people probably know by now, Flygvapnet did not mess around when exercising attack missions, neither with Viggen nor with Lansen. They'd often fly exercises in pitch darkness (heard once per week at some point during the '80s or '90s), and some of those times they'd be in complete radio silence for the entire flight, so that really great idea about a light hidden by the speed brakes definitely wasn't for show.


    Here's a fantastic video showing some low-level Lansen flying. Watch the whole thing, not just at my timestamp. Crazy.


  2. Okay, so I can see two issues here. First, the suddenness with which the plane is willing to rotate, which I can kinda see as plausible now as per Pocket Sized's post.


    The second issue is that the plane does not rotate when it should according to the SFI, as outbaxx has found.

  3. Make sure you are not turning on master mode NAV too soon. It should only be turned on when you are on the runway or very close to take off. I think 2 minutes is the maximum allowed time limit for NAV to be selected before take off.


    Yeah, and this is because the engine is used to circulate coolant, and ground idle is not enough to cool the systems outside of BER mode. If you need NAV earlier than 2 mins before take-off, you can kick the throttle into flight idle and that should be fine (according to SFI).

  4. I set the bottom saturation to 65 with 0 curvature, it's less erratic and with full stick it corresponds close to the SFI figures in G. Without the saturation I got max G at about 60% stick movement the last 40% just acted like a air brake.


    Do we know how far the elevons should deflect?

  5. No, I feel this too, it's impossible to start rotating before a certain speed, it's like elevons doesn't have authority before that speed. If you pull the stick full aft as soon as you start, nothing will happen until you suddenly have your nose looking at the sun :)

    So to take off smoothly I need to apply pitch up after this speed. If I start pulling before I tend to pull too much.


    This is wrong, then. Surface authority should turn-on smoothly with airspeed obviously.

  6. what's the status of your landing gear while observing this behaviour? Also the flaps are automatic - You might be inside the airspeed/AoA sweetspot where it changes the flap extension and maybe that's why it's fluctuating.


    Where are you getting this from? The flaps should not move.

  7. I really feel like they need to include the Valid / non valid weapon mixes in either the Manual or in the tutorial since there are so many people that

    are having problems with this and are mixing weapons and then have no idea why it is no working.


    And where ever the info is added it needs to be very obvious

    (to where people cant miss it).


    Another suggestion on a similar subject.


    I feel like they should probably re-designate the RB 75B to AGM-65B

    both to differentiate it from the Historical RB 75s carried by the Viggen and to give people a clear idea of what it is and the differences between it and the other RB 75s.


    I fully agree with both of these.

  8. The thing is that I can't even lift the nose until 230 something. So it's not possible to rotate too early for me. And if I force lift it at that speed with full aft stick, I'm at alpha 20 as soon as there is some lift(because I'm full stick aft and over rotating)


    Well first of all I agree that there seems to be a problem here. If the manual recommends a rotation speed that's not achievable in-game that's obviously a problem. I was just saying that in that specific scenario there probably IS a limit on how heavy you can be for an MS takeoff being safe.


    Maybe this needs a bug thread? "Manual says I should be able to rotate at v = V with w = W, but I can't." Seems like a pretty obvious bug to me.

  9. The chart say that with MS and a weight of 17 tons and +30 the SI rotation speed is about 305 kmph. The chart don't even show higher than 17 tons for MS so perhaps there is a restriction there?


    I could easily imagine so, yes. On a hot day with a heavy plane you want EBK.


    The aerodynamics compendium talks a lot about the dangers of circumstances like that. If you over-rotate you might end up not being able to sustain level flight.

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