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  1. Thanks mate... I know all about the squadrons and who flies what! Your talking to a spotter here!!!:megalol: I was just wondering if any had done any as I cannot be arsed doing them!!!! :joystick:
  2. Just wondering if you can add new squadrons to the logbook and also if anyone has done any UK Army Air Corps skins? Thanks
  3. I will be quite happy to by any of the dcs games and also flaming cliffs 2 if they go onto steam!
  4. I will not vote in this but all I will say is... Why does the next one have to be an american aircraft? Why can't we have something different like Rafale, Eurotiger, Grippen, Typhoon or Tornado? Most of the yank aircraft have been done to death... So why not something new and refreshing? Me myself I would love to see the Tornado or even the Harrier Gr9 (not the smegging yank thing). I do miss the pure interdiction/strike attack side of simulators. I used to love DI's Tornado. That had the best mission planner ever in a simulator!
  5. Last night my main hard drive boot sector failed and after several hours of fannying about trying to get the smegger to work, I may have to reformat... My problem is that I will lose and activation/deactivation because of the format. I can still access the drive as I have another with windows on. I had to this as I had sme urgent work that I had to get off the drive and sent away. Is there any way I can deactivate without having to boot from my main hard drive? Any help would be very much appreciated! :thumbup: I may not reply till Monday/Tuesday as I am away. Ian
  6. All i can say is that at least black shark is based on a helicoptor in and entering service and not one that was cancelled.......... Mmmmmmmm LONG BOW 2 Mmmmmmmmmmmm I loved that game when you flew it MP......PILOT AND GUNNER 'nuf said......im now drooling!! :P
  7. OMFG IM DROOLING :pilotfly::thumbup::lol: There at lockonfiles.com i take it?
  8. Well like I've said he's MS Certified! I've also sent him the link!
  9. Another thing to be aware of is VISTA is having problems with SATA drives. I have a friend who is MS Certified and he was installing it on his wifes machine. He told it wouldn't recognise the drive nad he had to roll it back to install it one IDE. Just thought it would be of some interest to you.
  10. The F-14 is a wonderful aircraft with some superb kit onboard and even tho it also started using it bombing capability its a lot cheaper to operate one type. In the world of ever decreasing military budgets somethings have to go.....
  11. Ive tried the voice recognition software...its pretty useless unless you want to say "BVR" and find yourself dangling in a parachute. Or is it because I speak English and not American hahahahahaha:megalol:
  12. I think you are flying the Campaign AWACS kill mission. Its a while since I've flown it. I'll go on it later today and see how I get on. I'll post here with the results and tactics I used IF successful!!!:pilotfly:
  13. You are better of programming a profile for yourself. I tried using one done by another flyer and I didnt like it. It only took me about an hour to finalize it. I now have mode 1 for nav n general flight controls, mode 2 for a2a and mode 3 for a2g.:)
  14. Bugger I forgot about the AWACS Kill mission in the campaign! That does have Su27's!!! Formski....That mission is a swine! I would suggest getting high, say around the 25,000ft mark. You also need to lure the Su27's away from the AWACS. I pretty much ran south over the Black Sea lured the flankers away. Then go for the Mainstay!
  15. I play quite a lot. Mainly single player or COOP. I don't tend to do MP with live adversaries because I have got fed up with amraam spammers. Fair enough you can just about evade 2 or maybe 3 but then the other 3 or 4 of the six he fired at you.......nuf said! Plus my other half lives 390mile away so I don't get bitched at woooooooohooooooooooooo!!!! I wish it was 390miles!!!! Typo guys its 30mile away but hell I still get to fiddle with lomac on a daily basis!
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