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  1. No matter what I set the bomb fuse at, even dive bomb delay or level bomb delay, it detonates instantly on impact. (I tried all 4 positions on the bomb delay switch for testing purposes) This was with either the SC250 or SC500 bomb. I've triple checked everything including breaker panel switch. Can anyone else replicate the problem I'm having?
  2. I'm having this FPS issue that I don't understand: When I first load the game and go into a saved mission I'll get upwards to 70+ FPS...BUT...any mission after the first one I fly (even the same one again) my FPS drops to 45 or so I only get good framerates on my first flight and any flight after that it is 15-20 fps slower. If I leave the game and restart it's back up to 70 again. I...just...don't...get....it. Any ideas? Ryzen 5 3600/Nvidia 1650 Super/32GB Ram
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