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    S530 Range

    I agree, the Super 530D is underwhelming, but I think that's the way it's going to be. It's reflecting what we know about it's real life performance. The Magic 2 on the other hand is wrong I think. Pretty sure they messed up the drag curve on that one. It's shape is similar to an R-73, and yet it seems to have waaaay more drag in DCS at the moment. That's for another thread though. This one is for Super 530D :)
  2. Brisse

    S530 Range

    Well, I haven't really done any serious comparisons although that would be interesting. One thing I can say is that the AIM-7M retains speed much better after the rocket burns out. It does have a slimmer profile though. The Super 530D has 60mm more to it's diameter compared to AIM-7M. Edit: Did the same thing with the AIM-7M. Same conditions as before except I was in an F-15C which doesn't really matter. I managed to score a kill at just under 50km (27nm) which is actually the "wikipedia-range" for the AIM-7M :) Some things I noted: Slower acceleration and top speed. Burns about 15 seconds which means it's travelled a lot further than the Super 530D when it's rocket burns out (even though it's top speed is less), and after that it glides pretty good, not loosing speed as fast as the Super 530D.
  3. Known issue. The M-2000C is currently missing from core DCS mods. Pretty sure they will have fixed it before next patch. Should be a simple fix. They were probably just a bit stressed out at the release and simply forgot to put those files there.
  4. Brisse

    S530 Range

    Did some testing with the Super 530D against a Tu-142 flying head on at Mach 0.6 at 10 000m ASL. I was in the M-2000C at same altitude. I tested at different speeds, increasing the launch speed every time to try and stretch out as much range as possible from the missile. At Mach 1.9-2.0 I could launch at around 37km (21nm) and hit my target. The missiles top speed would then be about Mach 3.7, but it would slow down so much before impact that the launch platform flying at Mach 2 would overtake the missile before it hit it's target. I had to almost look backwards to see the impact :) I have seen some sources state 37km and Mach 3.7 so according to that it seems to be working good in the sim. The only thing I noticed was some sources say "propulsion time 8 sec" while the one in DCS seem to burn for 10 sec. http://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/missile/row/super_530D.htm Edit: Some sources also state Mach 4.5 as top speed. I was able to achieve that by going all the way up to the M-2000's service ceiling at 18 000m and launching at Mach 1.94 which was pretty much as fast as possible. Seems they did a pretty good job on this Super 530D after all. I know there's been some criticism and that it's low altitude performance is disappointing, but perhaps that is how it's supposed to be. I haven't found any evidence to prove them wrong.
  5. Haha, I see what you did there :)
  6. No, I think it's the drag. Look at the slope of the curve falling after the peak. The slope has nothing to do with the rocket burn and everything to do with drag. The rocket motor only affects things during acceleration, which means the upward slope before the peak and the amplitude of the peak (top speed).
  7. I think many of us have multiple installs. Personally I have uninstalled 1.2.16 and have 1.5.2 open beta and 2.0 open alpha. Sometime during spring it will all be merged back into one version.
  8. The AIM-9M is indeed skinnier (longer and narrower) but look at the R-73. R-73: Weight: 105kg Diameter: 165mm Length: 2.93m Length/diameter ratio: 17,8 R.550 Magic 2: Weight: 89kg Diameter: 157mm Length: 2.72m Length/diameter ratio: 17,3 As you can see, these two missiles has very similar body shape. The R-73 is just slightly larger but retains the similar shape. It would only make sense then that they have similar drag, but ingame the R.550 Magic 2 is much much draggier.
  9. But how do you explain the insanely high rate of deceleration compared to other missiles then? You might not notice if you are in a dogfight with the target right in front of you, but it has a huge impact on the range of the missile. I don't really care if range is X or Y, but I do care when I see something not following the laws of physics. When thrust and drag is correct, the range will end up being realistic. I don't want to give range a number because it's going to be different in every encounter.
  10. No, they merged it with this thread.
  11. The thing is, it seems to have much higher drag than the rest too. Look at the chart I made earlier in the thread and the rate at which speed falls after it reaches it's peak. The R.550 Magic 2 drops much faster than the others. The other's (AIM-9M, R-60M, R-73) are actually very similar to each other when looking at the deceleration rate.
  12. Brisse

    engine sound

    Yes, I remember reading somewhere here on the forums that Zeus was experimenting with the sounds but it wasn't done yet. I expect big changes to sound before final release :)
  13. That's not the point of the thread. The point is that the R.550 Magic 2 looses energy twice as fast as other short range IR missiles for no apparent reason. Of course that affects it's effective range, but that's only a symptom of the real problem.
  14. One of the devs wrote "not before new years eve" somewhere around here I think, which makes sense.
  15. Some numbers to back it up wouldn't hurt, even though it seems pretty obvious something is off.
  16. I made a bug report in the 1.5 open beta section yesterday on the same topic, including the chart I made. Sorry, it's a little bit too time consuming. I don't have Tacview professional so I had to enter all the data manually in a spread sheet. Someone with Tacview professional would be able to make the same thing much easier, since it has some chart and export functions that I don't have access too.
  17. Brisse

    RWR Display.

    I hate seeing every symbol stacked on each other in the middle of the screen. You can't really distinguish the bearing to the emitter when it's like that, and it looks really cluttered. How about programming it so that the max signal strength isn't in the center of the screen, but slightly outside the center, perhaps closer to the circle?
  18. IIRC, slats are automatically disabled when gear down, so it's possible you tested with slats disabled all the time, unless you manually deployed them.
  19. CptSmiley just made a post of things they are working on or have already fixed. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=156925 Some of those things I think might affect the sustained turn rate, so further testing on the current public version would be redundant. We won't be able to provide valuable feedback on this until we get our own hands on those updates.
  20. Brisse

    S530 Range

    Well there you go. That's what I call excellent results PitbullVicious :)
  21. Brisse

    S530 Range

    Seems reasonable to me. Remember, the target was flying away from him. If it was head on he would have been able to engage at almost twice that distance.
  22. Brisse

    S530 Range

    Apples and oranges. High and low altitude. Hot or cold aspect. Etc...
  23. Brisse

    Mirage Congrats

    Look at the bright side. It may be more polished when you finally get your hands on it.
  24. No, launch speed was the same. It just accelerated faster. The zero-mark is actually a point in time just after the launch. TacView would not give me a speed reading of the missile at the exact moment it spawned.
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