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  1. At the moment, yes. ED does not want that but it is an licence issue since the old LOMAC-days when Ubisoft were publishing LOMAC. ED is working on a solution wich involves splitting the FC3 aircrafts into seperate modules, but at the moment LOMAC is required.
  2. I have said it before and here it is again: J35 Draken and JA37/AJ37 Viggen for DCS! If I were able to I would make them myself, but I do not have the knowledge :( Edit: Some people are making a pretty nice Viggen for BMS :)
  3. Brisse

    Jas 39C/D Gripen

    Looks like they want to release it as a mod to FC3. Sounds nice :thumbup:
  4. They have already stepped it up a little. The Mi-8 is more advanced than the Huey :thumbup:
  5. Agree. That is a very small issue. It would be a shame if that kept you from buying.
  6. On the front page of the official website. :doh: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/ About the training. They did not bother to update the training missions to the current version of DCS so they posted them as videos instead. Find them here: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/video/
  7. I find the russians very simple and easy to fly once you learn those symbols. In time, you will know what they mean. No I'm not speaking russian :)
  8. Well, I assume it is just a modified Su-25T flight model. It was ED's first AFM (FC1) it is very likely that improvements were made to the newer AFM's that the other modules use.
  9. Did you not bother to read the official list of features?
  10. Yes it does. Try it out and you will see! It's awsome...
  11. I bet if ED made AFM for SAM's, then maximum vertical range will decrease.
  12. With the sale going on right now, you might just as well get everything. Some FC3 planes already have AFM and more will come with future patches. All DCS modules except FC3 has AFM of course. Nevada is hard to say but I think it won't be released in the near future. You might want to buy directly from http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/ instead of steam. I'm a Steam user too but I stopped buying DCS products there when they stopped updating the steam version of BS. It is just horribly outdated. Don't know about steam A-10C but i suspect the same applies there.
  13. "Automatic pilot control system (ACS) for GLOC and ILOC, with aircraft following systems" http://www.google.com/patents/US20030034902
  14. This is just too good to be true! FC3 will be great value for the money now, even with the full price that I gladly payed as soon as it was released. No reason for people to feel bad now. I just hope ED does not take too big a financial hit.
  15. I spend more time on the forum than I do flying. Is it just me? :helpsmilie:
  16. Aaah, so it was SiThSpAwN. I remember the post but not who posted it, but now I know:chair: Now that you said so, I will definitely remember!
  17. Glad we got the A-10A AFM. Wags held his promise even though his signature says: "EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE" :D
  18. I would be perfectly happy with that solution. AFM was not in the list of features when I bought FC3 anyway. We got what we payed for. There is however one thing, I think, that we don't have yet as of 1.2.4 AFM for A-10A as stated here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1676695&postcount=7
  19. The Place Beyond the Pines? I think they had both two stroke and four stroke sound at the same time in that movie, for just one bike :) And of course, the bike had at least 666 gears.
  20. There are some modern euro fighter coming too. Maybe some clever mission designer can put EU and Russia as allies against the US and F-35 and balance it somewhat :)
  21. I think I am open minded and I'm not making any assumtions just yet. To call it a scam on the first day it was announced? Really? :doh: What if it's real? You might actually hurt the dev and other people by saying such a thing...
  22. I'm not much into the F35 but if this module ever sees the light of day then I'm buying! :)
  23. Yes, okay I guess it was not a promise. Let me rephrase: There was "hope".
  24. Yes, your search skills are crap becouse there is tons of info but I will tell you something anyway: Just getting FC into DCS: World makes it worth it. From the start the F15 was the only one that got 6DOF pit but ED changed their mind and in the current version there are several 6DOF pits like SU-27, A-10A, SU-25A and maybe they will add even more.
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