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  1. Correct George. If Kuky was correct, binaural recordings such as the barbershop would never work, because the headphones are attached to your head, so they turn with you.
  2. You meant to write "DCS" instead of "real life", right? What you say (that you have to move head or source) isn't true for the real world, and that can be proven by scientific facts.
  3. Yes, but DCS does it in a very simplistic and fake way. It's been the standard in the industry so people have come to accept it, but once VR comes into the picture, it will not be good enough. It will seem fake and take you out of the experience. You say that you have to move your head to determine the direction, but this is only the result of how sound works in DCS. If it was done properly, you wouldn't need to move your head at all, and you would still be able to pinpoint the direction of the sound source fairly accurately. If it was done properly, and the sound was coming from 8 o'clock, slightly above you while someone was asking you "Where does it come from?", you would be able to say 8 o'clock slightly high. You wouldn't say 7 o'clock. That's how accurate our brain and ears are. Traditional games like DCS aren't able to use this to their full advantage, even though they could be designed to do so with technology that has existed for some time. With VR, proper sound spatialization (not old fake method) will be necessary. This is why Oculus has released Audio SDK for developers.
  4. What you are saying is true for traditional gaming, but it's just not how the real world works. In VR, the traditional methods won't work (in the sense of creating a feel of presence in the VR world), because your brain will know the difference. Old methods of reproducing sound in games must be thrown out of the window if one is to create a believable soundscape in VR. Sound now has to follow the laws of physics and be affected by the virtual environment. Since headphones are attached directly to your head, there must also be a simulation of how your head affects the sound entering the ear canal (example: how the sound is affected by coming from the left, travelling around your head, and entering your right ear canal). The time difference has to be simulated. This is what HRTF (head related transfer function) is all about. It's pointless for me to sit here and go into details. Instead, it is better to just let a professional explain it: And if you still doubt how it's possible to simulate spatial sound through headphones, just go listen to an binaural recording (microphones placed inside a dummy head). The famous barbershop recording should convince you (MUST USE HEADPHONES): The barbershop demo is a good example of what we have to simulate to create a sense of presence in VR.
  5. Wow, this sound discussion is amateurish at best. Hannibal: My answer still stands. What I meant is that the sound you get in the DK2 is exactly the same as the sound you get in front of a monitor. I assume your actual question is something along the lines of "Is that good enough to be able to correlate sound position with the visuals in VR world". I couldn't give you a definitive answer because I don't have DK1 or DK2, but it will most likely not work correctly. You can try using some kind of HRTF surround to stereo down-mixing, but it's probably not going to work perfectly because that doesn't simulate being in the word. It only simulates you being in a room with a surround speaker system around you. It won't feel like actually being inside DCS. Every individual is different, and we all have different headphones. It's only a matter of getting it tuned correctly to your headphones, ears and brain. These sound cues introduced by virtual surround aren't fake, or made up. They recreate the effects that environment, your head and ear canal has on the sound waves. If it's done right, you brain will be fooled into thinking it's real. You just haven't heard it the right way yet. Wow. I know most people really believe this and don't realize the complex workings of the brain and how the environment physically affects sound waves, but it's really ignorant of you to preach this without doing a bit of research first. Yes, it's true we only have two ears, but that is enough to be able to distinguish things in 3D space, left, right, front back, up and down. The brain really is an amazing thing. You should read up on how it does this. It's not some mumbo jumbo. It's very real and has scientific explanations with mathematical models that let's us create virtual surround.
  6. Why ask the DK2 users? The DK2 doesn't have any audio features whatsoever.
  7. I get this if I add a the MiG-15 (which I already own) to the cart: Note: Not all modules are on sale! Edit: Tried L-39C. Can only use 15$ on that, just like you.
  8. Correct. There's a checkbox that you have to tick.
  9. Wait? You are making these tests on version 1.5, right? 1.5 introduced an entirely new graphics rendering engine based on dx11. As an AMD user (290X) I have to say the game went from unplayable (1.2.16 dx9) to running really well (1.5 dx11) while looking much better at the same time.
  10. Yes, there is actually! Download and install the Oculus runtime. https://developer.oculus.com/ There's a setting somewhere that lets it run without the headset for development purposes. You will still get an image in a window on your monitor. It will not look great, but it might work for the purpose of your tests. I don't remember exactly what the setting was called, but you will probably find it on your own. Maybe it was "debug mode" or something?
  11. Aaaah! Didn't think of that. SFM carrier landings are easy like childs play, but with PFM it could start to get interesting :)
  12. This is all very exciting stuff. Really looking forward to the ZA, and Su-33, MiG-29 upgrades. Sadly, it sounds like the MiG-29 PFM work hasn't started yet, which means we won't lay our hands on it for a very long time. This is one PFM I've been really excited about. The Su-33 is nice, but not quite as exciting because we already have the similar Su-27. Well, I guess it ain't all that bad to have a PFM aircraft that can sling R-77's on those F-15's. Also a little curious on how it will differentiate itself from the Su-27 in handling characteristics even if I expect them to be somewhat similar.
  13. I guess you haven't retrieved your key? It won't pop up on your account by itself you know. You still have to retrieve a key through ED's website.
  14. Good job Sedenion. The other threads had some good info, but it was getting lost in all the noise. Now we have it all in one easy to find place :)
  15. I think it's a 4 way switch in the real thing. As a HOTAS Cougar user I agree. I would like to use the microstick which is intended for this purpose, even though the real M-2000C doesn't seem to have one.
  16. Nice graph. How about making another one as soon as the update is released? We already know it's going to be different.
  17. Yes, it's a down-clocked FuryX. It is similar architecture to the R9 290/390 series, but much larger, which means it's has more parallel compute power. Think of it as a 4 core CPU (290/390) versus a 6 core CPU (Fury) with slower clocks than the 4 core. It seems DCS appreciates the higher clocks more than the amount of stream processors. And yes, Fury has HBM, but the 290 and 390 never suffered from memory bandwidth to begin with, so HBM doesn't really do much in this case. It easily shows when one tries to over-clock the memory on a 290/390. It over-clocks a lot but there's no significant performance gain, which means the memory bandwidth is already good enough to begin with.
  18. You can get HDMI2.0 from current AMD cards using a reasonably priced adapter now. This is a fairly recent development so I guess most people don't know about it yet :) http://www.club-3d.com/index.php/products/reader.en/product/displayport-12-to-hdmi-20-uhd-active-adapter.html With the extra price of the adapter considered, you might as well choose Nvidia to begin with though, if you require HDMI2.0, but for those who already has an AMD card and need to expand it with HDMI2.0 functionality, this is a reasonable option.
  19. Brisse

    S530 Range

    I think that's the point, but the simulation is simplified/abstracted. Simple is some sort of baseline and then the others just act the same but with a multiplier applied on the explosive mass.
  20. Brisse

    S530 Range

    The Magic is 13kg warhead in DCS. You can look in the lua files. There's more than the size that matters though, because there are three types of AA warheads in DCS. Simple, enhanced and directional. Magic 2 is configured as simple. Edit: The Super 530D is configured as 27kg simple warhead in DCS. AIM-7M and R-27 are 39kg simple warhead.
  21. Whoa! The man likes DCS. Didn't see that one coming :)
  22. Tried changing the quality settings in AMD Gaming Evolved? I thought I managed to get decent quality out of it, although I would have appreciated some more advanced settings. It is kind of dumbed down to the bare minimum. If you want more control over the settings, you might want to try OBS. https://obsproject.com/
  23. According to CptSmiley, this is now fixed, but not released yet. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=156925
  24. Woho! Just in time :) http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=157420
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