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  1. Replay has been broken for years. Is there any work being done to to fix the replay system??
  2. So its been a year and a few months now. Is there gonna be fix for the Tomcat replay. As of right now, checking some of my recent replays. I'm able to launch from SC. wasnt able to do that before. Now I have to wait til I come back and land. But the Jester menu still come up in pilot view and external view. Is this being worked on with Heatblur and ED?
  3. What is your trim setting on takeoff. Should be at 0 degrees. When you are landing rim is normally at 10-14 degrees. If you dont trim it to 0 degrees before your next takeoff. It'll still be at 10-14 degrees and your takeoff will pull you upwards... so check your trim
  4. Yep Glideslope still there. no ACLS
  5. Since the recent update. interior lights and external lights have been reworked for the better except for the landing light. Landing light is very dim compared to all the other planes landing/taxi lights. is there a fix in the works for this?
  6. where did you buy it from? how much did you pay?
  7. With the latest open beta update. The Tomcat is bouncing and shaking all over the carrier deck. Only gets stable once you hook up to the cat.
  8. Will the supercarrier have multiple camera views besides Plat,LSO and briefing rooms? sort of like airboss view, different Cat views during takeoff or patio views?
  9. With the stingers mod, even though the plat cam has been disabled. the still have other views in their mod that you can use to view different areas of the deck. ED removed the PLAT cam view altogether and replaced it with he LSO platform view. what i would like to see is to be able to cycle threw all the different camera views on the deck without modding the lua.
  10. Pilots go from the ready room to the flight deck to man their aircraft. Plane captains man it in the hanger bay to the position on the flight deck to control the brakes.
  11. Stingers new videos show the mod working with updated crosshairs. No updated release yet.
  12. Will the new carrier have new views to cycle through?LSO, Plat Cam, Bridge , cats, elevators, hanger bay, etc???
  13. @Vyrtuoz , think i figured it out. I started to install Tacview on a different drive because my C drive was getting full. reinstalled to the default drive and things are working again
  14. Tacview not responding My Standard version of Tacview used to run great. not I can even get it to start. it just keep saying not responding. Now I have got it to work using the regedit deletion it works. once I close it down and try and use it again, not responding. uninstalled it and reinstalled. Works the first time and after that, Not responding. Doesnt matter which version Im using, both stable and betas are not responding after the first time using it.
  15. I'm having the same issue. I'm able to get in ounce in awhile when i enter the server in spectator . let it load for a bit. then i would select a tomcat and finally able to get in, sometimes
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